How do I hide my pot smoking from my parents?

How do I hide my pot smoking from my parents? Topic: term paper cover
June 27, 2019 / By Lakeisha
Question: My dad knows I smoke pot, and whenever I come home too late or act a little woozy he checks my eyes, and if they're red he usually grounds me. My mom's OK, easy to get around. I already agreed to toke with a friend next week, how do I hide it? If I get home before my dad does (lucky) then what do I do? About the eyes? Because THEY WILL look. I need an alibi, an excuse for being late. And the ability to cover up all traces of doing drugs. Does Optive Refresh work on the eyes? Is it safe to sue with pot? I can always say it was a hard day, writing huge term paper, doing group work with a friend. But there WILL be suspicion. And I GOTTA hide it. AND I CANT back out of an agreement! Drunk is easy to conceal, just try to talk normal and say you're tired. Pot would be easy too, but the eyes are a DEAD giveaway. I've gotten past the eye check drunk, but what do I do high? I gotta bring eye drops with me, because I will get screened at the door to the house. Gotta use them in the car on my way home. Plus I can hit the grocery store before toking and use that as an alibi for being late. Suggestions? Can't stay over he dorms in college. Plus he won't let me...
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Jenna Jenna | 9 days ago
Obviously use some air freshener or something to cover up the smell, eyedrops can fix the red eyes, the rest is just good acting.
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I think you should see a psychologist- anorexic people tend to think that they are fat but its actually just the opposite and be dangerously underweight for their height and age. Please just accept yourself for who you are- you don't have to do this to yourself and suffer more because of it.
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Finola Finola
Stop smoking pot!? Its stupid. Its going to get you nowhere in life. And why is this in The Primary and Secondary Education section??
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Cyndi Cyndi
stay over at that friends house so your 'rents dont see you until the next morning?? I dont support pot smoking but i am helping you :P
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Secondhand Smoke (SHS) does not cause cancer. SHS was made up, read the actual reports that come out. The 1993 EPA Report (Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders) was vacated in 1998 by a Federal Judge (Osteen) by saying the EPA cherry picked its data and ignored data that contradicted their predetermined conclusion. The 1998 WHO study (Multicenter Case-Control study of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Lung Cancer in Europe) was overshadowed by the WHO press release (Don't Let The Fool You, Secondhand Smoke Does Cause Lung Cancer) stated, obviously, that SHS causes lung cancer. However in their report the WHO states that, "Out results indicate no association between childhood exposure to ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke, same as SHS) and lung cancer risk." And that the increased risk for adults was not statistically significant enough to show causation. And there are many many more debunk studies. But those two studies opened the door for more junk science reports. Long story short, you are not going to get lung cancer from being around smokers. And here is why: When a smoker inhales a cigarette particles are distilled off, those particles are commonly referred to as tar. So the tar travels into the smoker's body and impacts the small airways in the lungs and stays there. Thats why smoker's lungs turn black and everyone else's lungs are nice and healthy and pink. When a smoker blows that smoke back out, the tar stays in the smoker's lungs, and in won't get into yours. Yes the smoke off the end of the cigarette that doesn't get inhaled does carry tars but everyone agrees that its the dose of something that causes damage. It takes active smoking years to cause cancer, being around a little tiny bit will not do damage to your body.

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