Which controversial topic would be best to write about?

Which controversial topic would be best to write about? Topic: How to write a project report
June 25, 2019 / By Rubye
Question: Abortion Rights, Sexual Harassment Awareness, Eating Disorder (Awareness? not sure), Prayer in Public Schools, or Adoption. I am a 13 year old girl. Which should I write about? It will be a somewhere between 4-8 paragraphs. Please choose 1 or rate them from best to worst to write about. Say why if you would like and say the side I should take if you would like. Thank sooo much.
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Nella Nella | 3 days ago
Abortion rights is a very controversial topic - back in 8th grade I did a report on it for religion, and it sparked this whole religious debate that took up the entire class period and nobody else could present their projects that day. Depends on how mature your classmates are if you're reading this aloud to them. Eating Disorder Awareness is a topic I think would be suitable. Having suffered through a long battle of anorexia, I think more people should be aware of it and other disorders instead of putting together a bunch of stereotypes. Prayer in Public Schools is another controversy...I go to a private school but the one year I did go to public school, the principal lead the school in prayer on the first day and a group of Muslim/Jewish students complained about it. I would also suggest gay and/or animals rights too.
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I wouldn't choose medical marijuana if you are on the fence, noncommittal essays are weak. I would choose gun control, you can talk about the second amendment, what happened in DC with gun control, and the need to protect citizens' rights against government infringement. First gun control, then what? Free speech, trial by jury, religion? If you want to restrict only certain types of firearms, that can also add to the argument. It's your right to own a handgun, but is it necessary or safe to own an assault rifle? Lots of options and a strong opinion make a great essay.

Louisa Louisa
Not-so-good options: Sexual Harassment Awareness Eating Disorders Adoption (unless you're looking at gay adoption, single parent adoption, etc.) These aren't really topics that have a side you can easily argue. Who's against sexual harassment or eating disorder awareness? Who's against adoption in general (vs. personally for themselves). You'll need at least two sides with counter-arguments for an effective argument essay, if that's your assignment. Good: Abortion rights Prayer in schools These have multiple sides and a lot of angles to argue from. They are kind of classic topics to pick for an argument essay though - your teacher has probably seen them a lot, and other people in your class will be doing the same thing. You'll have to give it a unique spin and make a really good argument to stand out. Best: Pick another topic that's more unique and that you care about. Possibly argue the opposite side of what you believe - that will make you think harder and get more from the assignment.
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Katlyn Katlyn
When I was 13 I wrote a whole essay on Eating disorders and did great. Its a real easy but..I don't wanna say fun cause that sounds bad..but knowledgeable topic to write about. And there are three different types of eating disorders. You can start off with you opening paragraph, then each other paragraph write about the different types of eating disorders then have your closing paragraph. Hope that helps!
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Hilary Hilary
Eating Disorders, specifically eating disorders within the entertainment industry(research Luisel and Eliana Ramos) and the pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia movement. I think eating disorders are more relevant to someone who is becoming a teenager, as that is when most eating disorder start.
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Eavan Eavan
Abortion rights And sexual harrasment but I think writing about labels would be nice too.
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Is China a potential threat to the United States? LOTS of books and editorials written on it. China Rising: Power and Motivation in Chinese Foreign Policy Rising To The Challenge: China’s Grand Strategy And International Security

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