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July 23, 2019 / By Nellie
Question: Well, actually it's a review of past math stuff. It's a crossword puzzle. ACROSS: Terms with the same variables raised to the same exponents , 9 letters For a nonzero real number a, the number 1/a , 10 letters The distance from zero to a number on the number line , 13 letters A number used to replace a variable , 16 letters To find the value of an algebraic expression by substituting for each variable and simplifying , 8 letters A process for evaluating expressions , 17 letters The set of whole numbers and their opposites , 8 letters A symbol used to represent a quantity that can change , 8 letters DOWN A line used to represent the real numbers , 10 letters For real numbers a, b, and c, a(b + c) = ab + ac and (b + c)a = ba + ca , 20 letters An expression that contains at least one variable , 19 letters For a real number "a", the number that is the same distance from 0 as "a", on the opposite side of the number line , 8 letters Symbols such as parentheses, brackets, and braces that separate part of an expression , 15 letters A mathematical phrase that contains operations, numbers, and/or variables , 10 letters Please help! Haha, yes, I go to First Ave
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Louiza Louiza | 6 days ago
LOL, I guess the homework is REALLY HARD that everyone is looking for answers. I think I got all the answers except for seven =_=" 1 numberline 2 distributiveproperty 3 liketerms 4 reciprocal 5 absolutevalue 6 algebraicexpression 7 i really don't know... 8 opposite 9 rational numbers 10 evaluate 11 expression 12 orderofoperations 13 integers 14 variable 15 negativenumbers I bet we are in the same class xD
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Louiza Originally Answered: Please help w/ algebra homework! I am required to take this class and have no clue about algebra.?
ok so pick two numbers, lets go with 25 and 13. so b=25 m = 13 x= 68 soooo C=13(68)+25 C=1793 all you got do is plug in numbers. read it slow.

Katriona Katriona
"Value of the number" could be an answer to - A number used to replace a variable , 16 letters "Integers" could be an answer to - The set of whole numbers and their opposites , 8 letters
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Hillary Hillary
The other answers can work too but another way u can write it is 2 (2s+2). If u distribute that it comes out to 4s+4.
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Echo Echo
ooh i go to first ave too and at this very moment i am try to finish this stupid crossword... by the way wat teacher do u have? and i hav #7! valuesofvariable so oddd never wondered there would be a post in lest than 1 hour after school ended...
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Chanelle Chanelle
number 7 is supposedly valuetothenumber.... buttttttt theeeeenn i really don't know is in period 2 algebra honors <3
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Chanelle Originally Answered: I am having trouble with my Algebra homework tonight! 8Th Grade/Algebra 1. Can you all help me?
sure what's the problem 8=12c+20 -12=12c -1=c 1st problem is c=-1 2nd problem d=0 yes on the last on you did by yourself, good job

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