Any UC Irvine or UC San Diego students/graduates out there?

Any UC Irvine or UC San Diego students/graduates out there? Topic: Ucla research department
June 27, 2019 / By Serenity
Question: I am still debating on whether to go to college next year to uc irvine or uc san diego. can anyone help???? is anyone here a uci graduate/student? i went to the campus, but i didn't really interact with many people. is it a good/friendly school? what about ucsd?? thanks! :D
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Ona Ona | 1 day ago
Honestly, You cannot go wrong with either. It really depends on what you are going to be majoring in, and what your interests are. Both are highly ranked UCs. Both are close in proximity to the beach. Both have an abundance of research opportunities for under grads. I attended UCI, graduated 08' as a Computer Science major with a minor in Bio Sci. Ultimately I chose UCI because they are the only UC with a *school* of computer science (vs department), although I will say that UCSD has a terrific Comp Sci program as well. Both schools you need to make more of an effort socially than say at UCLA to get involved, but will make great friends at either school. They're both strong if you are interested in Bio/Chem/Pre-med although although outside of the sciences I am less knowledgable on what each really specializes in. Our Baseball and Volleyball teams @ UCI have traditionally done quite well, and the games can be fun to attend if you are into sports. I'd go by what the school's reputation in your major of interest is, as well as the vibe you get when visiting. Academically you will be in good hands eitherway. Goodluck!
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Ona Originally Answered: Can I get into UC Irvine or UC San Diego?
You won't know for sure until you apply. Check out the Fall 2007 admission stats for those two schools here: http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/educators/counselors/resources/materials/ITU.pdf on pages 39 (Irvine) and 43 (San Diego). You may want to cram a few community college courses in this summer; classes that are in the a-g subject areas and UC-transferable will boost your GPA (they carry an extra grade point and are included in your UC GPA calculation). Study and retake the SAT I to see if you can raise your scores (also try the ACT, some students do better on that). Think about how you want to approach your personal statement (admissions may overlook so-so scores/so-so grades if you have a great personal statement). The UC System publishes a guideline on how to write your personal statement here: http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/undergrad_adm/apply/how_apply/personal_statement.html
Ona Originally Answered: Can I get into UC Irvine or UC San Diego?
I doubt it with that GPA, definitely not San Diego-UCSD is very academic and highly selective. you should still apply of course, but have a back up plan. a good one would be to go to junior college and then transfer in
Ona Originally Answered: Can I get into UC Irvine or UC San Diego?
u.s.'s rigor is plenty greater aggressive than the two UCD and UCI. for sure, the cost of living is plenty larger besides, notwithstanding it rather is the greater greater proper finding campus of the three. rather for organic Sciences, you are able to definately choose to contemplate u.s. because it ranks a techniques larger than UCD or perhaps further larger than UCI.

Maegan Maegan
From what I somewhat have heard, UC Irvine is greater effective than UC San Diego. I heard that UC Irvine has greater opportunities and has a greater effective training the UC San Diego. i'm uncertain if it somewhat is actual, nonetheless.
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Maegan Originally Answered: Chances at UC Davis, Irvine, LA, San Diego, and Berkeley?
For Berkeley and Ucla it is hard to say without knowing the high school; should be admitted to Davis, Irvine and Ucsd. UC admissions are essentially based on GPA and Test scores with a sliding scale depending on the API of the high school. The rest of the application- personal statement, extracurriculars etc- gives the two readers information of the proper context to consider the Gpa and test scores of applicants from non homogeneous high schools when scoring the application 1-5, or really 1-4 since 5 means the applicant did not meet minimum stated UC admission standards. 1 is the best score. As long as the two readers scores do not differ by more than +1, the scores are averaged. If there is more than a +1 difference, a senior reader who is a full time employee scores the application. There are no set standards for scoring an application 1-4. It is totally subjective. Relatively uncompetitive low API High Schools, with API ranks of 1-4, require a lower Gpa and much lower Sat/Act scores for the application to receive a 1 or 2, which usually means admission, than applications from students at more competitive, higher API Schools. After the applications are scored, admission is by tiers and the tiers are either college wide regardless of major as for L&S or by major for other colleges like Engineering. In other words, if L&S has 10,000 slots and 1,000 applicants are scored a 1, all 1's are admitted, regardless of major. So are all 2,000 1.5's and 3,000 2's. There are not enough slots for the 6,000 2.5's so there is further scoring of the 2.5's and the L&S class is filled. All 3's, 3.5's and 4's are rejected. For Engineering and other colleges, the same takes place for each major. At "School Reports" tab, find California high school to view academic profile of students enrolled at Berkeley, UCLA and other UC's. http://statfinder.ucop.edu/ Good Luck!
Maegan Originally Answered: Chances at UC Davis, Irvine, LA, San Diego, and Berkeley?
I can assure you that you'll get in the lower tier UC schools (i.e. Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Riverside, Merced). But UC nowadays are getting somewhat weird and tough to get into. My friend was recently rejected from UC Davis with a 4.00 GPA along with 1900 SATs. A year or two ago, you'd be a lock in Davis and Irvine while you're about a greater than 70% for San Diego, while a bit over 50% for Berk and LA. Keep up the hard work and please remember, UC's look for consistency, meaning being committed to doing something for a long time, and not just joining random clubs for the "looks." Good luck with your applications!

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