Essay for physical therapy school application?

Essay for physical therapy school application? Topic: Writing essays in high school
May 25, 2019 / By Barrett
Question: Briefly provide a self-introduction and explain why you would be an asset to the Physical Therapy program and the respective profession. My name is _____, I was born and raised in a small town with big values. Thoughout my life I have always been curious about the world around me. With my mom being a registered nurse, and having several other family members involved in the medical field in one way or another, I have always been interested in science as well as the medical profession. I was first introduced to rehabilitaion profession by out high school Athletic Trainer. After I graduated High school, I decided to major in Athletic Training, and I loved it. However, I wanted to work with people, where I would make a bigger difference in their lives. I talked to a Physical Therapist, that comes to see the athletes, about the profession, and ever since I have been hooked. I believe that I would be an asset to the physical therapy program and the profession becauseā€¦. any sugesstions?
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Yolonda Yolonda | 8 days ago
It's high school, not High school. "by out high school Athletic Trainer" should be "by our high school athletic trainer" "I decided to major in Athletic Training, and I loved it. However, I wanted to work with people, where I would make a bigger difference in their lives" -- wanted to work with people? Athletes are not people? They don't need a big difference in their lives either? Right now, this essay sounds exactly the same like 99% of all the other essays out there. What makes you unique? Why should they take you instead of the other 99% applications? And the biggest thing missing from here... where is your passion in life? I don't feel it pouring out of this essay. All I feel is a kid who wants a candy bar... Where is your dedication? Your commitment to physical therapy? What have you done to contribute to PT community? You need to be that 1%, the one who lives and breathes PT, the fellow who thinks of PT before he goes to sleep and thinks of PT the moment he wakes up. You must want to be a PT that bad, it's do or die, that's it. Once you get that through your head, throw out this poor quality essay and write a new one.
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Yolonda Originally Answered: Help w/ grad school decision (psych vs physical therapy)?
It sounds like you are stuck in school. what is more important to you, graduating on time or getting the minor? If its just one extra semester for the minor I would stay. But keep in mind where your heart is. Too many people end up with expectations vs. reality and when youre done with school you feel like you wasted time raising gpa, or not knowing what you want. Schools dont care because its a business, in the end you want a degree that will pay for itself not something you cant find work in or will get burned out on.
Yolonda Originally Answered: Help w/ grad school decision (psych vs physical therapy)?
In my personal opinion i would choose psych if you enjoy it better. A vast majority of people end up in career fields they don't even enjoy so if you have the chance to do something you enjoy i would go for it. Even if it is more work you will thank yourself later on in life.

Sheenagh Sheenagh
I can't speak to culinary school, but I can to PT. My wife is an OT, my brother in-law and several of our friends are PTs, and I am a professor in an academic division where there are several Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy majors who wind up in a DPT program like you. To be accepted into such a program is a great honor - congratulations! And it is the trend, meaning you will need this credential to succeed in the field. Obviously if you have lost your desire completely to be a PT than there is no reason to proceed. But if it is a case of just being a bit unsure, we have all been there and I would encourage you to finish your schooling. As a PT you will be able to help people and still make a decent living. And if you want to be an entrepeneur someday you could open your own clinic. And my wife was able to have flexible hours when we had kids. I would think cooking is a hobby you could keep on the side.
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Pauleen Pauleen
Dr.K: your comments sound like crap. The person is applying, with his best interests to a program which might/might not be his vocation for a while. He and no one knows and can't predict a ****. Why does it have to be so "selective"? Apparently no one is getting a free pass in life, he'll put in his dues so what is the problem? Why is the current idiotic schooling system in the US so restricting? Why does it have to limit the number of students? Just WHY? Why can't we, for once, follow what people want, help them to get there and, instead, stop creating blocs, forcing people do things they don't want in life? As far as I am concerned I had THREE careers in my life and in each I spent 10 to 15 years of hard work. I came, helped many people and when I felt that I did not need it for my personal development, I moved on. What is wrong with that? Dr. K: you my friend are as confused and brainwashed as it gets. Your opinions simply but more importantly SUCK. The young guy is not applying to be a writer but to become a physical therapist whom one day may be helping your sore *** get better. If you have nothing to say - just plain "shut up".
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Pauleen Originally Answered: Low prereq GPA and C-'s in anatomy and physiology is it worth applying to competitive physical therapy school?
BU and Northwestern, have a lower GPA requirement, but these are highly competitive schools. So, it would really depend where you did your undergraduate work. In other words, a C in A and P at Northwestern is going to pull more weight than a C at a typical state university. A student who has a 3.0 from Northwestern will look just as good as or possibly better than someone with a 3.5 from a state school. Generally speaking, most schools will look at your GPA first...if you don't make their top cut, you're automatically out. Yet, some schools have different admissions policy. I was recently invited to assist with admissions at a school where all students who met the "minimum" GPA requirements were invited in for an interview, writing sample and team building workshop. As they walked through the doors, all students started with a clean slate. This would be the ideal setting for you...you can shine in your interview. Yet, all schools do it differently. My best piece of advice would be to sign up for A and P again...especially because if you struggled with this course, you will really struggle with gross human anatomy and regular physiology. Yet, I would still apply to see what your chances are...I would especially apply where enrollment has been down in the last few years. If a program is in a position where they have a low number of applicants and you still meet their minimum standards, they are almost forced to take you....whether you graduate is a different story... ...give it a try...

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