What are some individual rights/privileges do citizens have in the country?

What are some individual rights/privileges do citizens have in the country? Topic: Homework tab
July 23, 2019 / By Delores
Question: We are doing a project called WRITE YOUR OWN CONSTITUTION and one of the tabs says what are some individual rights/privileges your citizens have in your country? For the mean people: May you please not make any mean comments I just need help with my homework and am willing for someone to give me the answer.
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Cady Cady | 3 days ago
Freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and the press. The right to bare arms was recently affirmed as an individual right, at least on federal land like Washington, D.C. The right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures (don't try arguing that you have this right at school kids- the Supreme Court seems to think all searches and seizures are reasonable there), the right to a jury trial, the right to an attorney (assuming you can afford one unless you're looking at a year or more of prison time), the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment (the death penalty is apparently cruel but not unusual). That should get you started.
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Allyson Allyson
Well in the US we have the right to freedom of religion Freedom of speech Freedom of the press Freedom to a peace-full Assembly Freedom to bear arms Freedom to not have to house soldiers We also have numerous rights regarding the law such as: No unreasonable search and seizures The right to a Grand Jury Due Process To not self incriminate ones self To not be punished twice for a crime Compensation for our property To a speedy trial Public trial A fair impartial Jury The right to face ones accuser The right to non excessive bail No excessive fines No cruel and unusual punishment Jury trials in civil cases
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Uzziah Uzziah
Freedom of speech, religion, assembly. Freedom from unannounced intrusion into your domain. Freedom from self incrimination. Actually I think any constitution that doesn't have the 'Bill of Rights' as already written would be woefully inadequate. Why even try to fix something that isn't broken. Our bill of rights is still in place unchanged and still growing strong. Don't believe me, just turn on your TV. Good luck to you
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Rollo Rollo
In the country? As opposed to the city? Peace and quiet, I reckon. Considering the laws about disturbing the peace, it seems to be more of a right in the country.
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