I think a foreign exchange student has a crush on me need help please?

I think a foreign exchange student has a crush on me need help please? Topic: Jumping to a conclusion
July 23, 2019 / By Airlia
Question: at my school i there is a foreign exchange student from japan and although i may be jumping to conclusions i think she might have a crush on me. she is allways talking to me during class and sitting next to me during lunch. she allways wants to hang out with me. she even (over Skype of coarse) had me meet her parents. she even held my hand when we where standing next to each other at the bus stop. although she is pretty hot there would be many problems with me dating her. number one she doesn't speak english very good at all ( two weeks after meeting her she though it was a complement to call me an ***) plus she is only gonna be here for 6 more months so it would be pretty hard to date someone when your relationship has an expiration date so to speak.plus my dad is probably gonna not let me date her for "racial reasons"that im not to willing to disgust. and we share no intrests at all i'm sort of a country boy as i live in the sticks love, hunting and fishing own a ton of guns and knifes and after five years of living in old California haven't lost my country accent (thank god).and she is very city , is overly intersted in stuff that is particularly "cute" and watches these weird animated shows that make no sence what so ever. please help
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Tracey Tracey | 7 days ago
I may be jumping to conclusion, too. But I think she is not really looking at you but she just want to date a "cool American guy". I could say she is being racial in a way, to a different direction. It doesn' matter if you are a country boy, because she can't see the difference because of the language and cultural differences. So I don't think it is worth trying for 6 month unless YOU really like her. I hope my english make sense.
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Tracey Originally Answered: How do I become a foreign exchange student for another country?
Going on exchange is an experience unlike any other! It's great that you are gathering information. How it all 'works' depends on how you decide to go. The best thing is to go with an organization so that you can make sure that everything is taken care of and you have support while abroad. My biggest piece of advice is to go with a program that is listed with the Council for Standards on International Educational Travel (csiet.org). They routinely audit programs for quality. I would like to cast a vote for Youth For Understanding (YFU). YFU is one of the oldest (59yrs old), largest (in typical year, 2000 students come to USA, 500 go overseas from USA), and most respected exchange programs around. When I have asked exchange students why they chose YFU, they gave one (or both) of the following answers: someone they trusted recommended YFU and/or YFU gave them more bang for their buck. 95% of the fees collected by YFU go for direct program costs (airline tickets, finding a host family, support while in the hosting country, etc.). I am a 5-time host mom and volunteer with YFU. The process would go as follows: - Gather information and talk to your parent(s) - which is what you seem to be doing. I've put some links below to help with this. - Pick your country (which it appears you have - Australia) and length of stay. YFU has semester and summer programs to Australia and year-long programs to other English-speaking countries/programs. - Complete the application. There will be an application form with general questions (name, age, etc.), questions about why you want to go, questions about your interests (to help match you with a good family), a transcript request form, teacher recommendation form, and a medical physical form. (Note: you will need to be in good mental and physical health, but some conditions (possibly even mild diabetes) can be accommodated.) You can also apply for scholarships at the same time (or just apply for scholarships and make your participation in the program contingent on getting one). You have options for submitting the application - on-line, on the phone, scan & email, fax, and snail mail. Generally speaking, you will need to have a 2.0 (out of 4.0) GPA for summer programs and 3.0 for semester programs. - Participate in an in-person interview. This isn't an interrogation (I've done one) - just want to make sure we can place you with the right family for you. - Pay for the program. I've included a link to a brochure for helping find ways to do this. - Talk to your school counselor. Almost all USA students will get almost full credit for their time on an academic exchange, but YFU (or any other program) can not TELL your school what to accept, they can only help you provide information to the school. Make sure you have a written plan of what you need to take in order to get school credit and what documentation you will need. Put a copy of the plan in your school file (occasionally counselors leave while students are gone) and keep a copy for yourself as well. - Participate in a pre-departure orientation. This will be an event where volunteers with YFU will explain the rules of the program, types for adjustment, and (possibly) some of the country-specific things you should expect. - Correspond with your host family as soon as you can. This helps give you and them an introduction to each other. It also helps to show interest. - Go on exchange and enjoy! You will be assigned to a local YFU representative who will help you and your host family have a successful time. You will go to school like a normal teenager, you will have a overseas family for the rest of your life, and you will get incredible memories! - Come home and share your experience. Check out the websites and videos and good luck to you no matter what you choose! Feel free to email me.
Tracey Originally Answered: How do I become a foreign exchange student for another country?
Your best bet is to go through your school or local authority to see if they have any links with schools in Australia. If they don't, it will require a little more work on your part - start researching schools in Australia (websites) to see where you would like to go/if they have any information about foreign exchange. Then send out some emails and see what their response is. Good luck!

Red Red
Don't encourage her by maintaining contact, skype or otherwise. Since she is leaving within six months, it will all be over then in any case.
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Mattie Mattie
If you want to pursue it then pursue it otherwise do something about it don't leave her pinning for you that's not right.
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Mattie Originally Answered: Foreign exchange student to Japan?
TokyoE is really lucky, where I live there are not only many Jehovah Witnesses, but they hang around school, and visit home on regular basis. I think you just have to contact your church and then ask them to help you getting in touch with the Japanese church.I think they might be able to arrange something, even for short term like 2 weeks or a month...There are many foreigners among them, and some often go abroad, and speak good English, much better than the average Japanese. I'm sure they can figure out a way to help you, if you so much want to be with your church and to be in Japan.

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