I want to permanently change my eye color, can you help me?

I want to permanently change my eye color, can you help me? Topic: Wills eye glaucoma research
June 25, 2019 / By Eustace
Question: I've already made up my mind so don't try to sway the way I feel about this, and I've done tons of research and I want the best procedure because I simply won't settle for less but in either cases that I'm aware of you have to travel over seas to have it done. Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Anyone?
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Best Answers: I want to permanently change my eye color, can you help me?

Corey Corey | 1 day ago
You must be referring to newcoloriris.com You don't have to go overseas , it is done in Panama, central America. That's right, a third world country , and it is the only country that allows it. No modern country has approved it. It costs $7500.00 US for the surgery , plus a week to 10 days at a hotel there, plus plane fare, for about $13000.00 to $14000.00 total. Dr's all over the world say it is unsafe and will cause glaucoma in the long run. And besides that , by the photos, they look unreal after, almost like zombie eyes because the colored disc they implant are a solid color.
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Arthur Arthur
If you've done your research then you already know it's impossible. Unless, of course, you're just focusing on every little story that says you can while ignoring the facts. Regardless, it's impossible. You can feel as strongly as you want to feel about it, but it won't change facts. I'd suggest colored contacts.
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Uriella Uriella
No, i changed into meant to have the interest colour/hair colour/epidermis tone I honestly have. i'm no longer affirming I gained't replace issues about my visual attraction, yet eye colour is one in each of those issues that won't be able to get replaced lower back as quickly because it supposedly is completely altered. to boot, there is colored contacts for that!
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Scarlet Scarlet
Hi Adia, Unfortunately it is not possible to permanently change the color of your eyes. Your eyes get their color from the iris, which is a special muscle inside your eyes. It would be devastating to remove the iris and it is not possible to replace it again. If you wish to change the cosmetic appearance of your eyes, there are many colored contacts that can help you do that.
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Scarlet Originally Answered: Can i change the color of my eyes?
well I don't think that there is actually a "program" but you can get colored contacts. Usually if you are serious, you would need to go to the eye doctor and have a fitting examination before you can purchase a box of contacts. But, you can always go there and try on their samples. Go to a contact manufacturer's website such as Acuvue and they usually have a a printable coupon for a free in-office trial pair. That means you can only wear them at the doctor's office, and they usually have the word "demo" or "sample" written over them so it is a bit difficult to tell 100% on how they would look normally. Bring a friend who would be brutally honest with you, because it will cost a penny or so if you decide to get contacts. The all over blue or opaque blue tends to be a bit unnatural looking for people with darker brown eyes, but it would totally depend on you and your skin tone. I have dark brown eyes and prefer to go with the Fresh Look Color Blends Green or Grey as they look much more realistic than the opaque colors. It will be a tough decision, and remember, most "sellers" including the doctors may just say, "they look great!" just to make the sell. The could care less how you look, so bringing a friend or sibling is definitely key for you to be happy with your new look. Try the more subtle look first, and then work up to more dramatic styles. Hope that helps. Oh, by the way, the more money you are willing to spend (with appropriate research) the more realistic they will look. Think of Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. Paris has brown eyes but pays about $1000 for her blue colored pairs as they are hand painted and not machine printed as the kinds of contacts that we would purchase on the regular market. As far as any digital or computer program like those virtual hairstyle type things, don't trust the results because you will look completely different in with the same colors asa contacts. hope that answers your concerns.

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