Was I wrong to get assistance from a FEMA POD (point of distribution)?

Was I wrong to get assistance from a FEMA POD (point of distribution)? Topic: How to write a check for kids
July 23, 2019 / By Kurt
Question: My area was devastated by Hurricane Ike. I went to a POD site near my workplace one day last week during lunch and it was my only visit. There was no power at work at the time but I did have power at home. The only supplies I picked up was 2 bags of ice, 1 case of water, and 3 single MREs. When I got back several people in the office started yelling at me about taking food away from families and children in desperate need. I know 2 of these people who were yelling at me had been going to the POD site every single day (bragged about how much they had stockpiled at home) and neither of them have kids. The next day when I came in to work there was photo of a child starving in Africa taped to my computer along with a note that said "Thanks to you this is what will happen to a family you greedy selfish whore". The only reason I got the supplies is that I had no money except for what little cash was in my wallet, and the cash was needed for gas since I live over 30 miles from my job. The ice and water were because I had been ill for several days and I finally got to a point where I just needed some cold water. MetalQueen: You are a cold, heartless witch. Until you experience the destructive power of a hurricane first hand SHUT THE HELL UP! To everyone else: Thank you.
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Irving Irving | 10 days ago
No. You had legitimate needs, and you requested only what you needed. That's what FEMA is supposed to assist with: people in need after an emergency. What about those other people who bragged about everything they hoarded? Did anyone harass them? Maybe someone needs to point out the difference between being in need and hoarding for themselves. You don't owe anyone an explanation, but may you need to tell these clowns about your financial situation. At least you didn't sit home feeling sorry for yourself...you did what you could to get to work. That's not an easy thing to do when you're surrounded by the damage and disruption people experienced down there. As far as your co-workers go, screw 'em. (I say something nastier, but kids come to this site). You did what you had to do. Here's an idea, if it will help you feel better...when things get back to normal for you, financially, write a check for the cost of what you received to the Red Cross. It doesn't have to be a lot...$20, $25, whatever you can afford. Consider it giving back to help someone the way you were helped. Or maybe offer to volunteer to help with some cleanup or offer some other help in the community. But don't feel guilty. You didn't do anything wrong.
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Farley Farley
I would like to say that I am sorry that you have to go through these horrible storms. As a person from Ontario, Canada, we do not get these kinds of storms. My heart goes out to all. I don't think you did the wrong thing. FEMA does not have the best record (New Orleans), and it seems that this is storm season for you, and you never know what is coming next. I watch CNN and there seems to be a new storm developing everyday. Just because you don't have children does not mean that you shouldn't receive help. I am glad that you were able to get some sort of assistance. Always remember that there are many people who feel extremely self-righteous and more deserving than others. I hope that you are okay and will remain so, as well as your family and pets(if you have). Just ignore co-workers, and look after yourself, your loved ones, and those that deserve the care. I will be thinking of you throughout the storm season. Be safe to you and yours.
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Crispin Crispin
You did nothing wrong. I can't stand people who have the mentality that the only people who actually need services and help are people with children. What crap! You have to survive as well, just because you haven't spat 6 children out in your time doesn't mean your not entitled to the same opportunity at help especially after a natural disaster and the starving kid in Africa is such a joke! America is the greediest country on earth and I'm sure whoever put that up on your computer monitor isn't realizing that they are the ones keeping kids hungry like everyone else in this country by wasting food and things like that. If they are so concerned why aren't they out helping instead of complaining?
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Ashur Ashur
Who cares what happened to your area. You people living on the coast are such a joke. You live in the path of hurricanes by CHOICE. Then when one nearly flattens your area you dimwits think the government should take care of you. If you people had a brain you would move inland AWAY from the coast. As far as I'm concerned your coworkers were right to get on your case. Supplies from FEMA are meant ONLY for those who have no power, no running water, AND no money. Also your supply hoarding coworkers are disgusting.
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Velma Velma
u had every right in the world 2 get assistance, i would have given u the shirt off my back .....u tell whoever did that 2 u at work 2 kis your [email protected]@.....im sorry u had 2 go through that....american ppl need 2 help each other
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