Please help, I'm so sad:(?

Please help, I'm so sad:(? Topic: Post case sensitive mean
July 23, 2019 / By Benedicta
Question: I have two 'best friends' but lately they have been getting close and leaving me out of things. They post pictures on facebook - you know, the ones that say 'This is my best friend, we will be together until the end' and I just can't take it!! They even lied to me about going to a concert but they were stupid enough to post pictures and status' about it like as if I wouldn't see it? I just don't know what to do! I have other friends but these are my best friends!!! I can't take being left out on everything and it just hurts but I secretly think they are doing it to be mean to me.
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Adrianna Adrianna | 10 days ago
I know, this is really not fair. It may help if you find out why, but you should only ask yourself. "Have I been mean? or weird? Is this my fault? Or is one trying to manipulate the other and force me out?" In most cases, its the latter. Its best you know this propably isnt your fault. What is most likely is that one is your friend, and the other is a *BEEP*. So, what do you do? Talking to them seems like the mature and smart option, but truthfully, most people find it awkward and back away or dont even listen. It will only make things worse, people are rarely mature enough to take it. What you really need to do, is go out with other friends and let them know how great they are. (NEVER use these people, dont even think about it. The point of this is to remind yourself you are worthy of having friends and that there are other people in the world. It also gives them more friendship) If you just so happen to take lots of funny pictures and have things you want to write on their wall, go for it! just make sure its genuine and you arent being desparate. Dont call them or text them unless they call/text you. Also, do they invite you to places alot? If so, do something like you only go to 1 out of every 3 events they ask you to go to and say that you are "busy". What will likely happen, is that they will miss you and talk to you and ask why you are doing this. Then you can just say "Im sorry, but Im not just going to sit at home and be ignored. I thought you would be happy about it." Maybe this is a tad immature, but you deserve to have feelings and express them in ways girls are sensitive too and you deserve respect from these girls.
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Thad Thad
Hi Lillian.....I know how you feel and what you are going through. The most wonderful and caring friends who you have trusted all your life all of a sudden become your worst pain and you not just get heartbroken....but also your own life has no meaning,.....but all that pain has blinded you something very important.... YOUR OWN LOVING VALUES. There are other people who are interested in sharing and be in your life. People who can be with you all the time and never forget you. Just because 2 so called friends give you the silent and ignore you treatment doesn't mean that the other 100,000,000 people living in this land we live in (north America) one or two or Maybe MORE can be a better and real best friends that you can meet. Don't let other people's uneducated manners become a nightmare for you... You have better plans to think about than you being hurt. Lillian people change and you should do the same. Someday those 2 will miss you and remember the fun times they had with you and MAYBE have hope for them to say I'M SORRY to you...Let them be ....and for you...all you have to do is look ahead of you, let new and wonderful friends come to you...You ARE a caring and wonderful girl, a gift that you have and no one can take that away from you. I know you'll met better people...and like I said someday those 2 will realize their huge mistake and say I'm sorry. I wish you lots of happiness and a fun caring life......PARTY! Take care Lillian!
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Pompey Pompey
I know how you feel. My 2 bestfriends left me too. I cried and cried but you know what they are not important, that i should cry and care for them. I hanged out with them for 2. Years and in those two years they would make fun of me and leave me out of stuff. They were auctually using me. So i made a new friendS and that changed everything, i was HAPPY again. If people dont like you or dont want you, why should you hang out with them. Please just leave them. If they were your best friends they woudnt be like that. Just show them that you dont want to be with them.
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Mahon Mahon
The best thing is to tell them how you feel. You have to have the courage to speak up. That too has happend to me many times.Until now I have the best friends and yes sometimes they do leave me out. Anyway its part of experiencing life.
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Jemmy Jemmy
Well there are going to be times when your friends aren't always going to want to hang out with you but I think the thing you should do is just talk to them. ask them if they are mad at you,ask them why they don't ever invite you to anything. If they don't do anything then just stop talking to you then just start hanging out with other people(:
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Gene Gene
time to move on and find some new best friends. i know it's hard, but if they make you upset or sad, they don't deserve to be your friend. i'm sure you have some other friends, that eventually with time, can begin a new best friendship =). don't be sad, it happens to most of us ;)
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Digory Digory
!!...well wake up, cuz these are NOT your best friends. It doesn't seem like they want to be. It's time for U to realize that these 2 are NOT what you say they are, it doesn't seem that they want to be.
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