What are my rights as a tenant? Please help.?

What are my rights as a tenant? Please help.? Topic: 30 year old case solved
June 25, 2019 / By Callidora
Question: I moved into a townhome at the beginning of August and before I even started unpacking my belongings I noticed a bed bug crawling around in my bathroom. The next day I immediately went to the leasing office and told them about it. They told me they never had any complaints of bedbugs before in that particular townhome so I suggested that it could have come from my neighbors since their bedroom is right next to my bathroom. I told them I have never had bed bugs before and I hadn't even started unpacking my things so it wasn't from me! They told me they would have the exterminator come out that Wednesday to spray. A couple weeks went on and I noticed ANOTHER bedbug in my bathroom! I went back to the office and told them about it and told them that it HAD to be coming from the neighbors. I asked her if they could please check their home out to see if that was infact where they were coming from so they could spray! She said they are not legally allowed to do that and the only way they can spray for bugs in their home is if they come and report it to the office! I told her that this would be the last time I was going to deal with it seeing as how I was 9 months pregnant at the time. I had to bag all of our belongings up literally right after I had JUST unpacked everything! A month went on and I didn't see anything so I assumed that everything was ok...right? WRONG! Lastnight I was sitting on my bed and saw a bedbug on the wall that's right up against the neighbor's second bedroom!!! I immediately started bagging everything up and checked my mattress/boxspring and didn't see anything there. The next morning (today) I went to the bathroom and what do ya know! Another bedbug crawling on the bathroom floor. So today I went to the leasing office yet again to complain about the bedbugs and she said the neighbors finally reported to the office that they had a severe case of bedbugs and that they had already been sprayed twice! I told the lady that I wanted to transfer to a new townhome and she said I would have to talk to the manager about it and to come back in an hour. I went back and waited 30 minutes only to find out that the manager was too 'busy' and that she wasn't talking to any of the residences until next week! REALLY??? I have a two year old and a 7 week old and I DO NOT want bedbugs getting into any of their belongings. I have vaccumed,bagged everything up,scrubbed the bathroom floors,walls,sink,tub EVERYTHING! I am doing everything possible until the exterminator can come out Wednesday. It has been a nightmare living at this place! Not only am I having an issue with the bedbugs from my neighbors i'm also having issues with them partying all hours of the night,playin loud music,busting their window,and trashing their place/porch! I've complained 5 times and called the police twice but NOTHING is being done. The lady at the office said it's a personal issue between the two of us and that we would have to solve it on our own? Really? What are my rights? Can I legally break the lease seeing as how the manager won't talk to me and keeps avoiding me? PLEASE help!
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Alyse Alyse | 5 days ago
With you having small children. i would not out them in harms way and would be looking for another place to live and a single family home is best then you do not have neighbors that bother you all hours of the night and blast loud music. You could also check into Habitat for Humanity and see what is available in your area. The have brand new homes and they come with a stove and refrigerator. There is no interest on the home so you are just paying low payments on the home itself. A good way to buy a house. Also check into a FHA loan to buy a home you need a credit score of 620 or 640 depending on the lender and only 3.5% down and can also ask the seller to pay your down payment and closing cost. This would keep you from renting and dealing with SLUMLORDS. Move out ASAP!
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Alyse Originally Answered: What are my rights as a tenant?
You still have your oral contract. If she wants to evict you, now that you are a tenant, there is a process for that, determined by each state. Absent a signed lease to the contrary, you are considered a "tenant at will" or "month-to-month". You give one month's notice if you want to leave; she gives one month notice of intent to evict. Without a COURT ORDER to remove you, you cannot be evicted.

Vic Vic
Well, they are correct when they tell you that the issue between you and the neighbor is between you 2 and that they don't referee fights. All you can do about them is keep calling the cops when they are too loud. As for the bugs, it is obvious the neighbors have them and are sending them over to your place. I personally would document everything, even take a picture of the critter on the wall or floor and get the beep out of dodge! It takes nothing for them to be in your stuff, and then you would be moving it to your new place and be infested in no time. If the landlord wants to sue you for leaving early, fine, show the judge the pictures and proof that you told them ( you should always do complaints in writing ) about the problem, and were ignored. You are not expected to live with bed bugs.
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Ross Ross
You can kill Bedbugs with extreme heat. you may actually have to take matters in your own hands with this and ask to be compensated. Vaccuming the area and your bed is good. Washing all your linens clothes etc in hot water is good. They can even hide behind light switches and therefore be hard to find, vaccuum everywhere. Heres some products you can use to dispatch the bugs; Diatromaceous soil, spread in the nooks and crannies of your house. Harmless to humans and mammals, such as pets, however the sharp minerals cut into the bedbug causing them to bleed to death. And as I said hot temps kill them, you can buy something called ThermaPureHeat. It will get your house up to 130 degrees. Of course you and your family pets included will have to leave. But heat is the best way. Pronto spray can also be used against bed bugs. And pack tite is a box you put your stuff in and heat up to kill any that might be lying around in your belongings. Your landlord might not care, and may never do anything, then your whole house will be infested. However, I highly doubt they'd let you out of your lease either. That's just how it works, you have to stay and pay regardless of what problems you have with the place, as long as it's not covered by law, forcing their hands. Their most likely going to say that your responsible, because they've already sent someone to spray. Good luck and happy bug killing to you.
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Montmorency Montmorency
This may not be the correct legal answer but if it were me in your shoes i'd be out of there in a flash and let the darn landlord take my *** to court. Just make sure you have everything written down or recorded in some way. There must be a clause somewhere in your contract to say whether you have so much time to change your mind after moving in?
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Montmorency Originally Answered: Landlord legal rights in filing judgement against former tenant?
Google landlord tenant laws in Texas. In most states this would be considered abandonment and you are permitted to take possession after sending a certified letter advising them you have declared the unit abandoned. I know they don't live them, but that's what you have to do. You will still need to file a small claims court action for the monies owed, including future rent until the property can be re-rented. Unfortunately you will have to lcoate them to have them served. The first thing to do is to send a letter (just envelop) addressed to them at the address they have vacated. Add to the front of the envelop "address correction requested. Do not forward." If they have filed a forwarding address with the post office, you will get it. Also, if you know where they are employed you can have them served at work. By the way, if you file a small claims action, don't have them served by certified mail. They can refuse deliver. Use a process server. It may take a while, but with the information you (hopefully) obtained when the moved in, you should eventually find them. Just a little sincere advice; If you're going to be a landlord become familiar with the landlord tenant laws in Texas. realtor.sailor

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