What is going on with my military guy? MATURE answers, please?

What is going on with my military guy? MATURE answers, please? Topic: The internet in our life essay
July 24, 2019 / By Jannah
Question: PS- 2 weeks prior to this, there was a death in his family he flew home for (not immediate family), and then he was assigned to his new stateside assignment for Jan. that he's not at ALL happy about as he'll supposedly be deployed all the time. I'm asking this here because I think people in this category have a bit more insight than those in marriage/divorce. Sorry if you've already read this question, but many more details were added.... My man and I were married to each other when we were young, divorced for silly reasons, have been friends for many many years after. He is military and stationed in a very nice non-combat country working an office job. We've been talking (through email and sometimes phone) while he's at work only as he has no internet/phone at home (Yes, for real. Yes, he's telling the truth. Yes, I do know for a fact). Came to see me 2 months ago. Things got kinda bad when he went out of town for work for a few days w/ no warning, and I sent emails kind of freaking and worried. When he returned, I said something about his general not-great attitude lately (I couldn't say anything right because he was convinced his whole life sucked). He got mad, ignored me for a week straight, no explanation. I called him. He said we didn't break up, he loved me. I asked if he was thinking of breaking up..."a little bit." Because he had all the neg's of a relationship and no perks (aka- I was nagging him). He emailed the next day angry with me for calling and cornering him. He said he wanted time to think. I replied I would respect that. Didn't contact for 2 days. He sent an email Fri. saying he didn't want to address it then, but he loved me and didn't want to leave me hanging for the weekend. He'd think over the weekend. He returned Monday with an essay about how much his life and weekend suck. No decisions, no explanation, no decision, no "I love you." I replied I was sorry to hear his weekend sucked. Today, no communication at all. I sent an email asking if he could send back all the pictures I'd emailed him as my computer exploded while I was moving and I lost them all. Don't know if he'll respond. Anyway, I'm extremely confused. Are we still together? Is he playing some kind of game or just extremely depressed? What should I do right now? I really don't want to lose him. I love him very much and thought we might be going in the marriage direction in the future until recently. Please help!!!! People are saying "other woman" a lot, but prior to us deciding to "try again" he had not been seeing anyone for 5 years (I know as we had been friends during that time). I really truly don't believe he is seeing someone, but if that's the only conclusion you can possibly draw from this, then I guess let me know. Which is the reason I explained my categorization of this question and yes it does have to do with military. Thanks.
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Ethelfleda Ethelfleda | 3 days ago
He is obviously upset, depressed and confused about his life. If you love him (sounds more like you love his attention) you would be there for him instead of pressuring him all the time about where your relationship with him stands. He has told you he loves you stop being so immature and needy and help him get through this before you push him away completely. Right now its not about you; it should be about him!
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Ethelfleda Originally Answered: (((I only want mature MEN To answers this)) please?
Well I know I shouldn't be answering seeing that i am a girl and you asked only for men but i coldn't help but to read and well i just came up with an answer so here it is take it if you want leave it if you don't(just please read it before you dicide): It sounds like to me that he could be busy or that he has things going on and hasn't been able to reply to anything you have sent him. I wouldn't jump to quickly to the conclusion that he has someone else but it is internet relationship, and take it from me (because I have had a lot of experience with that) it isn't easy knowing what they are doing or if you can trust them etc. but if you really like this guy you'll give him a chance and more than likely he won't let you down. And I know you don't wanna look desprate but i think the best thing to do right now is give him a call. He may WANT you to call, i had an internet relationship/am still in it and I don't like calling him well i like calling him I just don't like the part of calling. Because I know he may be busy or not wanna talkto anyone right then or that I'll look desprate, but you know what I find? When he answers and we start talking ti just don't know why I have problems actually calling him. So you should try calling him it may be the same for you. I wish all good luck and I hope my answer helped even though I'm not a guy. And i hope you grandmother does okay. just call him and see whats up once you call I doubt you'll regret it, and if you do regret it if you want someone to take your anger/saddness ect. out on you have the ight to chew me out. well hope that helped. :)

Claudette Claudette
Although it's not likely he has "another woman", don't be surprised of anything. That being said, being in the military, you have to deal with a lot of bull from every aspect of your job. Being far away from the people who love you makes it that much more difficult. There isn't much you can do from so far away, but you can remind him that you're there for him. You need to accept the fact that you two may not end up together. Not because you will or won't, but because it puts lets pressure on him. If he's having problems, he needs to be able to go to you no matter what. Having to worry what your reaction will be makes him less likely to want to share. Especially, since he feels he has to respond to you about where you two stand and how he feels about you. Although there are a lot of guys that flat out lie, you should already know how he feels and if he's being honest with you:you've known him for more than five years, after all. Having to make him say it is sometimes like pulling teeth, especially, since he has other things to deal with.
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Becca Becca
No game. He's dealing with some serious issues. His last communication was most likely from the heart. All I can say is, give him some space and wait a while to see what comes.
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Adenah Adenah
GIve him time...tell him you love him and your always there for him and give him time. He is depressed and nothing looks good to him right now. Im sure he loves you but he is having trouble feeling it. If he needs time let him have it..more then 2 days just wait til he responds. It'll be hard but it is worth it...he'll come back.
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Teman Teman
let me tell you fairly and impartiality: your man has a big confusion, and it could referd to many reasons, sometimes it could be refered to his career conditions, sometimes "you know" the psychological case for him about his times. (the status of the people changed from time to time, i.e. you fined them better in winter, bad in summer, calm in S moon night, confused in then other times of the month. all above could be decided upon to your analysis. in the other hand< the say of another woman in his life> it couldn't be determined only by your feeling, usually when we love some one we couldn't think about him disappointly. always we see him the best, so don't fall in this trap. may be to have well judgment about this mattar I need to ask you many question, and i need direct answering. contact me ([email protected])
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Teman Originally Answered: Mature answers only. Issues ''down there''. Name for this?
All indications here point toward a yeast infection.. Your symptoms.. and the fact she asked you to continue on 'Diflucan' which is a registered trade mark for Fluconazole - a potent anti-fungal medication.. Fungal as in yeast infection.. not bacterial infection.. Yeast infection is more common than bacterial infection, around that private part.. The "all type of bacteria" is medically useless term.. but it may raise a suspicion for something going on in the background.. Everywhere in the body, especially at the skin, intestine, urinary tract and female reproductive tract.. there is a normal accumulation of bacteria, they are called 'the normal Flora'.. it is a zoo of bacteria, fungus and other parasites, some are dangerous and most are benign ones.. but they all keep each other in check.. Something can disturb this flora.. when talking about cultures, it is like seeing penguins running next to elephants and zebras.. or seeing Guerillas in the middle of the desert.. (Penguins usually found in the South pole, and Guerillas usually live in jungle areas).. Significant finding is said in cultures that contains only dangerous organisms like seeing a pack tigers or a pride of lions (or any dangerous animals) with no other animals.. this would raise a flag that a bacteria infection is going on.. but seeing Guerillas and penguins outside their natural habitat is weird and may raise suspicion that there is more than meets the eye.. In our labs, the lab technician would report 'Mixed growth' or 'unspecific growth' (I believe its what you are asking).. "MIXED GROWTH" is a confusing term to a layman, that is why some doctors choose their own words, just like your doctor did with the 'all type of bacteria'.. Most doctors will say "seeing more than one bacteria in the urine" which is a closer term for 'mixed growth'.. But basically, 'mixed growth' is seeing something unexpected in the lab.. the lab technician or the doctor would expect a positive finding that confirms a 'bacterial infection', of which antibiotics are prescribed to the patient.. or a negative finding which is the growth of the normal flora in the culture.. 'Mixed growth' is neither negative nor a positive finding, but it raises a question, why.. The most common cause for mixed growth, is contamination from the surrounding environment.. for example the bacteria from the normal flora of the skin or the urine, somehow got into the sample taken from your private area.. this producing the weird picture seen in the lab.. Other causes are many, some related to an immune problem -like HIV-, hormonal problem, heavy metal poisoning.. and very rarely, weird problems like cancer.. But again, from your description, it sounds like a simple case of yeast infection.. which is known to cause havoc in the bacteria population at your private area.. My advise, do not miss your next appointment with her.. All the best

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