Why are people afraid to ask their doctor questions?

Why are people afraid to ask their doctor questions? Topic: Worst case scenarios questions
June 25, 2019 / By Clemmie
Question: Okay ladies. Explain something to me. How is it that someone can walk out of the doctors office and have no idea why they're taking a medication or what their condition is? It's one thing to come on here and ask for other people's experience or opinions. But when I see questions like "Why am I taking glucophage? or "What day am I supposed to start Clomid?" My goodness. How can you walk out of your doctor's office without knowing that. Yikes. Worst case scenario... call the doctor or nurse back and get an explanation for your specific case. So I guess my question is...are women afraid to ask questions or are doctors just really bad at communicating?? Have you guys ever taken a medication and had no understanding of why you were taking it? Scary. Excellent points everyone. Thanks for your feedback. I completely agree that this forum is a great place to get support and help. We all go to the doctor and then come home and realize we forgot to ask something. My concern was that people were doing things blindly without at least having a basic understanding of what they were being treated for. And Illyana's mom, I agree! Men do have short attention spans and therefore are genetically exempt from my question :)) LOL.
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Anani Anani | 3 days ago
Some women figure that 'it's a doctor,they know everything'...But they can't help you if they don't know everything that is going on with you. Also,alot of doctors tend to be 'rushy'..meaning that they act like they've only got so much time and they've got so many other patients to tend to. I think another problem is that when you get in the office,you forget half the questions you had going in. It's important to know your body and whats normal or not so when you get in there,you have a clear idea of what needs to be discussed. It's also alot of medical 'blah-blah' to alot of women..they don't understand all the terms and get totally lost. If you think that you might have this or that (disorder,condition etc..) I think you should read about it (or google,yahoo answers it:) and know as much as you can to be able to say to your doctor that "I've got this or that symptom and I think it could be this..what do you think?" Going to the doctors is a annoying but important part of living healthy and people should really pay attention to that. As for taking a medication and having no idea what it is or what it's for...I always read the side affects and I don't leave the doctors without understanding what it does for me.
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Topsie Topsie
In regards to your question, "So I guess my question is...are women afraid to ask questions or are doctors just really bad at communicating??" It is both, some woman are afradi of what the doctor might say if they ask a question or they don't want the doctor to think there question is stupid. I admit I used to be that way (unsure of asking a question) but then when I heard several people say it was ok, I was like it is ok the doctor is being paid to see me so let's make it worth his while. In regards of your question, "Have you guys ever taken a medication and had no understanding of why you were taking it?" No, the doctors I seen explained to me what the medicine was for, why I was taking, when I would be taking, and how I would take it, etc. I would say, make the people in your life aware it is ok to ask questions and tell them to pass it on.
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Ryana Ryana
I agree with the when should I take my medication or why am I taking this. I think though a lot of women just get overwhelmed when they are at their dr.'s office and forget to ask all the right questions. I don't think people should be afraid to call their dr.'s office and speak to a nurse or dr. that is what they are there for.
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Nelly Nelly
I think it is a mental thing, you trust that "the Doctor knows what's best". I don't know what the drugs you are referring to are for, but in most cases you visit the Doctor, only when you have to, and all you care about is getting treatment for a specific problem. Long term medications are the same and whilst they are gen rally explained most of what is said goes in one ear and out of the other.
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Love Love
Most people are afraid to ask questions because they think that doctors are perfect. They are all part of a business that is designed to make money. They do not make money if they do not prescribe things or schedule follow up appointments. Patients need to realize this and get second opinions, or other options. Shop around. It is a business.
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