Christians, which parts of the Bible are the Word of God?

Christians, which parts of the Bible are the Word of God? Topic: How to write a history book part 2
June 25, 2019 / By Natalee
Question: Do you say the entire Bible is the Word of God, or only some parts? If you say the former, then is the book of Timothy also the word of God? If yes, what about the verse 1 Timothy 2:11-15 11 A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. 12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. 15 But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety. So, "I do not permit a woman to teach" is the Word of God, then? Thanks for letting me know. Now I'll know what to say when that teacher of mine catches me talking in class again :-)
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Lorna Lorna | 5 days ago
I know that perhaps your question might be just for fun, and I'm not a Christian, but hear me out because I know a lot about Christianity, and yes, I read a Bible many more times than just once. None of the existing books including Bible are 'word of God'. God didn't write any word. They are all records of people who knew how to convey the 'word' in writing. History - perhaps. But who knows? For what it is written by men - there must be some truth in what they wrote for the times they lived in. I am a woman and not submissive, but with some sense. Married - yes, independent in thoughts - yes. But I say myself that I believe that woman must be a good mother and a good wife to her husband. She must teach future generations to be good people, using her wisdom given. It's stupid for a female to try and do what males do and fuss about equal rights whilst her children run wild affected by gangs of damaged people on streets. I personally do not support those women talks originated from women Libbers - they are a destruction to any society, even though I'm not a mother myself (had no luck in that, sorry - therefore no experience of my own, but just opinion).
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Lorna Originally Answered: Do christians believe that the bible is the word of God?
Look, I've got a degree in Biblical Studies from Carolina University of Theology. I know Greek & Latin.. I have at least 6 different translations of the Word of God, including a greek Bible. I Believe that the Bible IS the Holy Spirit Inspired Word of the Living God. If your friend says its only a biography he is NOT a Christian - as Christians hold the Word of God to be HIS WORD. He is an apostate.. or better yet, an "ignorant" youth who has no idea what he believes or doesn't believe. Sooner or later HE will have to make a decision on whether he truly Believes Jesus was God's only Son who came to die for our Sins because we could NOT pay the price for them without being eternally separated from God. If he cannot decide if Jesus was truly the Messiah.. then your friend needs to take off that label of "Christian".. because clearly he is NOT one of us. Christian means "Christ Like".. People who do NOT know the Bible make statements like "Oh, there are so many translations that we dont know what to believe".. or "its been copied so many times it cant be correct". I could write a 10,000 word paper on BOTH those subject contradicting those ERRANT lines of thought - which are made out of total ignorance.. considering the fact that cursive Greek was one of the most descriptive languages in the world. IE - there are 7 words in the greek for our word "Love".. So NO.. its NOT all messed up in translations.. People like to TWIST it to what THEY want it to say.. to their peril.

Katheryn Katheryn
If best it have been that functional. With the Bible you are handling an totally tricky field--textually, traditionally, and spiritually. You cannot "disprove" the Bible textually, a minimum of no longer completely, in view that it exists! That is to mention, the choice of books referred to as the Bible have validity as a choice of books. The more than a few textual issues (manuscript and translation disorders, meanings of phrases, poetic language, figures of speech, and so forth) comprise the ones of another paintings of literature, etc when you consider that you are handling a couple of authors, historical languages, and lengthy durations of time. You have an excessively difficult time disproving the Bible traditionally. While there is not any evidence for the ebook of Genesis, the parties it describes are pre-ancient. For essentially the most side, historians see the Old Testament as an excessively primary record. The many tips, corresponding to items of degree, names of rulers, places of towns are by and large corroborated by way of archeology. The New Testament comes from a extra present day interval, with a lot more historic documentation. While no written proof for the man or woman of Jesus of Nazareth exists external of the Bible, the numerous main points of Jewish, Greek, and Roman lifestyles and tradition fit up flawlessly with modern day secular money owed. Finally, the non secular experiment. This is in which individual revel in comes into play. Since you'll be able to neither turn out nor disprove an inside emotional revel in, permit's depart that apart. But how approximately miracles? Something like a supernatural medication will have to be field to scrutiny. It would not be a difficult factor to debunk a tale of a miracle if it used to be made up. Somewhere, there could be proof of fraud. There's such a lot of claims of supernatural parties in Christianity. While, I think, a few had been debunked, so much have not. You would say, the load of evidence is at the claimant. But it nonetheless stands to purpose, that the memories of miracles might, actually, be real. To draw the road someplace with regard to reality is useful, however difficult to do. Yours in Christ, Nick
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Helga Helga
Every word of the Bible is God inspired. 1 Timothy is not saying men are worth more than women, but that women were first to fall into sin and simply have different roles. God created us different. Women can still teach, just not be pastors basically. God has placed your teacher as an authority over you.
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Dyan Dyan
For people like "fireball", there's nothing in the Bible that states when women can teach. As the laws of physics are unchanging, so are the true God's laws. I don't believe Jesus said anything about women teaching. Paul did though, in the Pauline 80+% of the Bible. From my understanding, and other research, Mary Magdalene was quite a good teacher, and follower of Jesus. I do note, don't quote me, a recollection that Peter not only feared women, he despised their teaching. I can't recall which verse off hand, but he asks Jesus to "silence" her, and Jesus stated that he would not. That she too could speak just as the males in the group could. Jesus's teachings went against those of, I guess they were called gods, lords, or ruler's of the day. He was a rebel, and not just a great teacher. Women couldn't teach. He had them teach. Only those with noble titles were allowed wine at gatherings, he provided wine to all. After Jesus's death, there was an order that we read about where the church was destroyed. This was to terminate Jesus's teachings, and to keep things pagan as their beliefs had been. Paul was one of these pagans. There's places in the Bible where he admits his deceit of the people. At one point gets into a fight with someone else because Paul wasn't teaching Jesus's teachings, but his own. After Jesus, "rebel with a cause", the royalty had to regain their control over the citizens, and this is where in 345 A.D. Emperor Constantine (who was related to Saul aka Paul) convened the council of Nicea, which created the Christianity that is still worshiped today. However, few of Jesus's teachings ended up in the BIble, and a lot of the books (if they didn't fit Royal control) were excluded. How to tell? As that poster said, it's modern times now. We treat women differently. There was the whole woman's right's movement and such. Therefore, that is man's law and not God's. Same with women wearing their hair up, to separate them from the harlots. Okay, a divine being, creator of everything that is seen and unseen, is really going to worry about how women wear their hair. ..... Because religion and government were one, in the way that they both had political power during ancient times, religion was a method of passing and establishing law upon the people. Man's law was added to God's truth, so people would feel, disobey and go to hell. That's much more powerful than today, "you'll get a ticket." Now if this Book is the inspired word of God. Why didn't Jesus bring it with him to teach? With humanity being here for thousands of years before Jesus's birth, why wasn't it important to get to the people earlier?
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Dyan Originally Answered: How do Christians believe the bible is the infallible word of god?
There are errors but the Bible is perfect in it's truth. There are absolutely no contradictions in the word of God. Think about these things you call contradictions... An eye for an eye is according to God's righteousness. Judgment always belonged to God not to man. We are forgiven therefore we turn the other cheek. An eye for an eye does not contradict turn the other cheek. First came the law then came grace through the fulfillment of the law. The law requires a man's life but God in the flesh Jesus Christ paid that penalty of death.

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