Paruresis (Diagnosed Pee Shy) and Legal Issues (Supervised Drug Testing)?

Paruresis (Diagnosed Pee Shy) and Legal Issues (Supervised Drug Testing)? Topic: Example of how to write a play script
June 27, 2019 / By Archie
Question: I have just been diagnosed with Paruresis. I am a 19 year old female living in NY State. I was always pee shy, but along with my other issues (severe anxiety, panic disorder, tremors) it has been harder for me to urinate. For example: If I'm in a restaurant, I have to wait until every single person leaves the room until I can go. I frequently feel like I have to urine, I know I'm not dehydrated because I maintain a healthy diet. When I go to urine it is extremely difficult, even without anyone around. Sometimes (as embarrassed as I am to say this) I have to "fiddle" (play) with myself to get myself to Urinate. It doesn't hurt, it's just torchure. Now I have legal issues and I will be starting probation at the end of the summer for 3 years, Toxins HAVE to be supervised, I literally sit there for three hours and I can only give them a drop or two and then I end up getting in trouble, or they accuse me of using and count it as a positive. I know there are alternate drug tests other than urinating, but Toxins are the cheapest and that is all I can afford. Since I have seen a Urologist he has prescribed me different medications and nothing seems to be working. I see him next week for the next step. Would he be able to write me a script so that I don't have to have supervised urines? Is that even possible? I know it sounds crazy but I have a legitimate medical condition...wondering what he will say. I cannot afford the hair, or blood tests and if I do not complete treatment I will go to jail. If anyone has been in a similar situation like me, or can help me out with some advice I would more then greatly appreciate it. Again thank you so much for listening, and hope to hear from you guys!
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Trina Trina | 1 day ago
Who diagnosed you with Paruresis? If it's a medical doctor, ask him or her to document your symptoms and confirm the diagnosis. Learn how to self-catheterize. Inform the "inspectors" that you are able and willing to produce a urine specimen by using that method. There are no medications that will "cure" paruresis, only tranquilizers that might reduce anxiety or perhaps an anti-depressant medication that might help combat obsessive and distorted thinking about bathrooms - and the people you might or might not encounter in them. Recovery through such methods as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is indeed possible if you are willing to commit a treatment program. Visit the websites of the International Paruresis Association at http://www.paruresis.org and Bathrooms Make Me Nervous at http://www.bathroomsmakemenervous.com
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Trina Originally Answered: Drug testing for a job?
Most of us have reached that point where we have to decide if smoking Marijuana is worth it anymore. Most of us choose a future without fear of drug testing. There is life after pot. I wish you the wisdom to make the smart choices in life.
Trina Originally Answered: Drug testing for a job?
Ordinarily an business enterprise won't pay to have you ever drug demonstrated until you have got the job. The draw back is most corporations transfer very slowly with employment. My spouse was recently hired by means of a enormous enterprise, and didn't understand she had the job except 6 weeks after her drug experiment. Exceptional advice is to simply sit tight and watch for an legitimate phrase out of your new organisation, it is usually a even as however hang in there!

Sallie Sallie
Why are you posting on the AU site? In any event, no script will make you go. There are ways to deal with this situation. See www.paruresis.org. Try asking for a saliva test. Write [email protected] for more info.
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Nicolette Nicolette
I can not pee under pressure. Kinda how you are. Make sure teh water is running, alot of people can't pee without the water running. Also drink lots of water so you WILL have to pee when you here the water running, But make sure the water is running like so it sounds like another person peeing So then it will help you alot. Helps with me ^_^
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Nicolette Originally Answered: "supervised visitation" supervised by ex?
Hi, 1st I'm not an attorney but I've been there and I had to fight,yet my situation was very different. Here is my suggestion. 1. Call City Clerks office normally located in your local courthouse family law division and ask how you can get free legal advise. 2. Go see the attorney for free legal advise, even if you have to pay a small fee, don't think it's a waste of time since you don't have much money or time. 3. Put all the facts in writing, give a brief but specific overview of the situation and get as much information as you can. 4. Ask the free legal advise attorney if you can request the mother to pay for your attorney fees since she is not agreeing to a visitation schedule and therefore you have no choice but to hire an attorney and go to court. 5. Ask around and find a good attorney, don't just hire anyone. 6. Remember, the judge is concerned about "what's in the best interest of the child" not the mother or the father. You need to prove that it's in the child's best interest to know you as the father and inorder to establish a relationship you need to spend more time with your child. Also if you can ask for a court ordered evaluation. What she wants is not the point here, the point is what are your rights. Do not contact her, harass her, or do anything that may Jeopardize your case. Stay calm, and be very careful as to what you do and say when it comes to the mother & your current visitation. Continue your visitation for now until you find an attorney and go to court. There is hope, but you'll have to be tough, just because you don't have the money doesn't mean you don't have any rights. We have a great justice system so don't be afraid and if you need support post another question. My answer is based on the question you presented. In no way am I providing any legal advise or requesting that you take my advise, I'm only giving my opinion and making suggestions, Every case is different and therefore you are the only one who should decide what to do. Again I am not an attorney and you should seek legal advise from an attorney. Thanks.

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