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July 23, 2019 / By Edmund
Question: While the odd characteristics of Haumea and its moons initially led us to the hypothesis of a giant impact, the smoking gun came when we found the other icy debris left over from the collision in orbits similar to Haumea itself. In a paper just published in Nature we show the existence of five small objects in the Kuiper belt which look just like the moons of Haumea and appear to be additional chunks of the icy outer layer of Haumea that got blasted off the surface. These chunks appear to be about 10% of the total amount of material blasted off the surface. Some of the rest probably evaporated into space, but some smaller ones are probably still in the vicinity waiting to be found. We recognized these chunks as debris from Haumea because we first noticed that a small number of Kuiper belt objects appeared to have unique surfaces composed of almost pure ice. Most of the other Kuiper belt objects have much more complex surfaces that are difficult to understand, but Haumea, its satellites, and these five new objects all appeared unique. While trying to understand why these we different it suddenly became glaringly obvious that all of these objects were on very similar orbits, and that if you traced those orbits back in time you would be able to connect them to a single location where they were once part of a larger body (this is an oversimplification, but gets the main point). This is pretty exciting stuff! We had never before had evidence for such catastrophic disruptions in the outer solar system, though they appear moderately common within the asteroid belt in the inner solar system. What is even more interesting is that the collision occurred near a region of space where Kuiper belt objects don't live for long without having their orbits become unstable (for the curious: the orbits become unstable because they go around the sun precisely 7 times for every 12 times that Neptune goes around the sun, and, over time, the fact that this pattern repeats gives the Kuiper belt objects slight perturbations every orbit which eventually build up enough to cause the object to be unstable). When the orbits become unstable, the objects can eventually work their way in towards the inner solar system where we would call them comments. It is clear that the giant impact that made the Haumea family must have created many many tiny fragments that have lit up the earth's skies in the past. Even more interesting, Haumea is on an unstable orbit and will possibly become a comet itself. When it does it will probably be 10,000 times brighter than the spectacular comet Hale-Bopp, making it something like the brightness of the full moon and easily visible in the daytime sky. The only catch is that all of this will happen in perhaps 1 billion years, so you have a little bit of waiting to do to see it! Actually, Dannie, I did, and i'm very, very interested in Space.
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Originally Answered: Is it more difficult learning to read Chinese, or Japanese? Which language is the hardest to read?
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