Can you define for others here what a neo-con is?

Can you define for others here what a neo-con is? Topic: Thesis index
May 25, 2019 / By Giffard
Question: Heres mine, but perhaps some of you can add more. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Apt3bS8XoUuNX4WDDPgV0Tzsy6IX?qid=20070618023104AAiGIgV slappyjk, in other words you chose to remain ignorant of its meaning!
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Donal Donal | 2 days ago
I agree with your thesis. However, I disagree with your assessment of Cheney and Rumsfeld. They may be bureaucrats and not intellectuals like Wolfowitz or Kristol, but they are major players.
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The point of algebra is to solve problems in which certain values are unknown, but relationships between those values are known. It is often convenient to represent the unknown value using a single letter, such as x. When an equation is written several times in different forms during the solution process, it becomes cumbersome to write out anything longer than a single letter. If you like, you can use words or phrases instead of letters to represent an unknown value: .. (some dependent variable) = 3*(some independent variable) + 4 _____ The problems you're always solving are practice for those that actually make sense in the real world.

Braiden Braiden
The Best answer in the link there is exactly right. By definition they are former dems who didnt like the way the democratic party was headed.
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Adino Adino
Neoconservative – A "neocon" is more inclined than other conservatives toward vigorous government in the service of the goals of traditional morality and pro-business policies. Tends to favor a very strong foreign policy of America as well.
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Stephania Stephania
Former liberals who used to be Democrats and extremely hawkish. They left the party after 60s and 70s, many of them joined different parties and started their own foreign policy thought. They espoused Wilsonian ideals and interventionist policies, they believed is our moral duty to bring democracy to every country to create a perfect world.
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Quella Quella
At the top level they are Corporate Facist who are bleeding America dry to line thier own pockets and will sacrifice our democracy and our lives to fatten themselves. At the lowest level NEANDERCON, they are those who opted out of Evolution and are therefore not effected by it.
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