Which one of the following statements would most likely be true?

Which one of the following statements would most likely be true? Topic: Or in case statement c#
July 23, 2019 / By Matt
Question: Suppose the planet Uranus were much brighter in the sky, so that it was as easily visible to the naked eye as Jupiter or Saturn. Which one of the following statements would most likely be true in that case? a. A week would have eight days instead of seven. b. Its gravity would cause the tides to be much higher than they actually are. c. The discovery that the Earth is a planet going around the Sun would have come hundreds of years earlier. d. Its brightness would make it possible to read by starlight at night. e. Its slow motion through the sky would have led it to be named after the Goddess of Procrastination.
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Best Answers: Which one of the following statements would most likely be true?

Jo Jo | 3 days ago
I'm gonna have to go with C, not because it's particularly likely, but because the others are all silly or obviously wrong.
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Gorden Gorden
How about "none of the above", seriously. a) The days of the week are not all named after planets or heavenly bodies. Some are named after Nordic gods (Thor's day, Wodin's day (Odin), Friga's day, Tyr's day). Nope, eight days versus seven doesn't make a case. b) The immense distance wouldn't have changed a thing, gravitationally, having nothing to do with "brightness". c) There is no indication that a brighter sixth planet would have done anything to accelerate the heliocentric model of the heavens. d) The brightness of Jupiter doesn't make reading the newspaper remotely possible. I don't see how a "brighter" Uranus would have added anywhere near enough light to read. e) The name was proffered by its discoverer, Sir William Herschel, in 1783 to the Royal Society. The Society rejected the name, fearing future ridicule of the spelling of "Ouranus", father of Saturn. They presented "Neptune" as the name of the new planet, but Sir William Herschel was persistent and won out on the arguement. The rest is comical. My answer remains -- "none of the above".
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Dudda Dudda
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