How do I tell if a girl likes me?

How do I tell if a girl likes me? Topic: How girls do homework girl
June 27, 2019 / By Antonette
Question: When ever i go to school. I normally talk to a couple girls though out the day. And i never can tell if any of them like me. Like when i talk to them i talk about what the homework is or i say jokes to them. But i never know if any of them like me. Please help me understand how to tell if any of them like me.
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Zack Zack | 10 days ago
hmm, well, a girl will either stare at u when she thinks u arent looking at him. they may also talk a little loudly so u can a conversation that they want u to hear(thats how my frendz are). i no its hard to tell, but its all in body language. good luck!
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Zack Originally Answered: Do you think this girl likes me?
you are in luck, mate. I'm pretty much sure that 'mary' likes you. Pretty much for definite. Just stay the same (that is what she has been liking of course). Just stay the way you are, and say have you heard about ' random film'. She'll say yes then you say so do you wanna go with me to see it. I think, from what you have said, she is dropping a barrel load of hints. Get in there MATE!! You should ask her out. Without question. If im blind and she just likes you as a friend, ill not only be surprised, but if she says no for Various reasons (you know what girls are like), i definitely think that there will be a chance for you in the future if you remain such close friends. Ask her out then email me at [email protected], (only if you want) and tell me how it goes (don't worry, i'm not a creepy weirdo) Hope this helps Good Luck

Shimei Shimei
Hmm. depends on the girl. some girls will do this If she is more shy (which is a sign that she might like you)around you then she'll try to be around you without being noticed. she'll secertly look at you. and smile a lot when you talk to her. she might flirt with you, or smile and laugh alot with you. touch you slightly when she leans in to tell you something. she might play with her hair when she talks to you.
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Obed-Edom Obed-Edom
look at their body language. if theyre acting kinda shy, they probably like you. or maybe theyre trying to hide it by being super out going. look at their eyes mostly. if they look away or hold your gaze for a few seconds more than normal, the probably like you. hope that helped!!
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Langford Langford
do they try to hug you or get you to hold their hand? do they look at your eyes alot? do they try to stand next to you when you guys are with a bunch of friends? does she look at you in class alot?
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Langford Originally Answered: How do you know if a girl likes you?
Jeremy R, Don't you worry because I'm here to help you. 1- You're not alone, many young men feel the same way you do. Though you may not be aware, you're a pretty observant person. 2- She is definitely interested in getting to know you, however, she is a young woman of the 21st century, and she will not approach you. She knows that a relationship always works out better when the man makes the first move. It might sound cliche, but the truth is, men are the hunters and women are the prey. The rabbit never chases the fox. 3- You have already connected through glances. Now it's up to you to approach her. Just be cool and casual. The next time you make eye contact, just say a simple "hello" - even from your desk. Perhaps a little smile if you can make it natural. That's all it takes. Then you will both be clear about what's going on. 4- If she smiles or says "hello" back, BINGO! That will be your confirmation that she's interested. Now all you have to do is walk up to her at the end of class. Don't worry, if she's already shown you that she's interested, she'll make it easy for you to talk to her. 5- At this early stage you can just talk casually about your course, homework or about school. Then you can just say: "See you in class tomorrow." 6- The next time you see her, saying hello will be much easier. After class, approach her again. This time you can talk a little more personally. Ask her some simple background questions, i.e. "Where are you from?", "What's your favorite subject?", "What else are you studying?" That will give you time to respond as well. The best way to respond is to stay on the same subject, i.e. "I'm from......My favorite.... My career plans are......this is how it works - step by step. 7- Soon after, it will be easy to exchange personal information! 8- When you ask her out on a first date, be very sweet. Walk her to the door, tell her you had a great time, but don't ask to be invited in - a good night kiss at best. Otherwise, she'll think you're trying to put the moves on her, and that might scare her away. Hold off on that for a really long time. 9- Find out how she perceives the relationship first, and see if she's the type who wants to wait a while. More and more woman are reluctant to jump in the sack because of a hurtful past experience. Respect that about her. It's a sign of a person who is committed and dignified. 10- On the off chance (and I doubt it) that she brushes you off, please don't be discouraged. You can just scratch her off as an immature girl who likes to play stupid games and passing notes around to her girlfriends. Again, I honestly doubt that's going to happen. I hope this will guide you towards a wonderful relationship. Best of luck to you, Ms. Miche

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