What is the Army Regulation regarding receiving deployment orders?

What is the Army Regulation regarding receiving deployment orders? Topic: What is the reaction paper
June 20, 2019 / By Belphoebe
Question: Isn't there an AR stating that soldiers are suppose to receive their deployment orders at least 30 days before deploying? if so what AR is it? i know that if the unit is on GRF you aren't going to receive orders because GRF is a quick reaction force but otherwise for normal scheduled deployments you ARE entitled to paper orders a certian amount of time before you deploy in order to get your affairs in order, i just cant remember which AR it is
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Adrianah Adrianah | 9 days ago
No, in fact there is no minimum advance warning. Remember, a deployment is nothing more than a troop movement. The Division HQ can tell your unit to grab its gear and get on a plane in an hour if they so need to. It is much like an old fashioned alert in Europe or Korea, you get your gear to your vehicle and if you get orders to roll out the gate, you go. Technically, that's a deployment too.
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Terry Terry
There is no such regulation. Soldiers can get deployment orders within hours of deploying, though that isn't the norm. The military's hands would be tied if they had to wait x amount of time to be able to deploy personnel. There are some missions that require immediate response.
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