Numbers 31: Why did God rape 32,000 virgins?

Numbers 31: Why did God rape 32,000 virgins? Topic: Rape case stories
May 25, 2019 / By Dympna
Question: Read it for yourself. The link to the Bible Book of Numbers, Chapter 31 is here: http://bibletools.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/Bible.show/sVerseID/4666/eVerseID/4666/version/gnb -------------------------- An excerpt is here: 31:31 Moses and Eleazar did what the LORD commanded. 31:32 The following is a list of what was captured by the soldiers, in addition to what they kept for themselves: 675,000 sheep and goats, 72,000 cattle, 61,000 donkeys, and 32,000 virgins. 31:33 (SEE 31:32) 31:34 (SEE 31:32) 31:35 (SEE 31:32) 31:36 The half share of the soldiers was 337,500 sheep and goats, of which 675 were the tax for the LORD; 36,000 cattle for the soldiers, of which 72 were the tax for the LORD; 30,500 donkeys for the soldiers, of which 61 were the tax for the LORD; and 16,000 virgins for the soldiers, of which 32 were the tax for the LORD. 31:37 (SEE 31:36) 31:38 (SEE 31:36) 31:39 (SEE 31:36) 31:40 (SEE 31:36) 31:41 So Moses gave Eleazar the tax as a special contribution to the LORD, as the LORD had commanded. 31:42 The share of the community was the same as that for the soldiers: 337,500 sheep and goats, 36,000 cattle, 30,500 donkeys, and 16,000 virgins. 31:43 (SEE 31:42) 31:44 (SEE 31:42) 31:45 (SEE 31:42) 31:46 (SEE 31:42) 31:47 From this share Moses took one out of every fifty prisoners and animals, and as the LORD had commanded, gave them to the Levites who were in charge of the LORD's Tent. ------------------------ Question: A. Is it right to worship the God who ordered the ransacking, slaughter and rape of a nation? B. If you had heard that another God, not of your belief, had done this, how would you react? C. Whatever the culture or belief - Is the slaughter, pillage and rape of an entire nation justified? Isn't that the ultimate holocaust? What behavior is God teaching us? D. Why does humanity worship with it's eyes closed? If we wish to worship, shouldn't we worship humanity rather than slaughter it?
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Celandine Celandine | 2 days ago
Good question. If this is the god that the Christians serve, I can't be a part of it. God should have a better sense of right and wrong than I do. Mim: there are several cases in the old testament where god tells the Israelites to take the virgin women and kill everyone else. They were then told to marry these women or to use them as servants. Picture how this would really work. You're 15 years old. These soldiers come and kill everyone in your family, father to baby brother. Then, one of them grabs you and makes you his wife. You fight him, he forces himself on you. End of story. I don't care if they did 'marry' them, that's rape.
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Annis Annis
The only verb I've noticed concerning what the soldiers did was "capture". It says nothing about rape or slaughter in this passage. However it does say that the Lord said to punish the Midianites for what they did to the people of Israel. (Numbers 31:1) When the soldiers plundered the Midianites, they actually disobeyed the Lord's command. One should also point out that the Israelites were not immune to punishment. When they chose to turn away from God, similar things happened to them. You might ask, "How does this correlate with a loving God in the New Testament?" If you really want to know, just drop me an email and I'll answer as best I can.
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Yahveh Yahveh
WTF? I'm shocked and I thought I knew more than enough bad stuff from the bible. But really if you want a sincere answer you should direct 'old testament' questions to Jews or jewish-knowledgable people only. Christianity is a polytheist roman religion which has nothing to do with the Jewish text. Christians christians have *no connection at all* with the the Tanakh, as they don't even have a talmud to explain it. The text is shocking when read literally but there are usually humane, non-literalist explanations for it (whether these explanations are true or not is another issue). A to D: I'd consider any such god immoral, but that doesn't mean the god doesn't exist. It makes it more likely that god would be such a god given the state this world has always been it.
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Shelby Shelby
A No B With revulsion C Three Questions here: No, No, Nothing moral D Two Questions: Yes mostly, Nothing should be worshiped. God cannot be both good and omnipotent. If he were why would he allow such awful suffering to take place. So either he is not good or does not have the power to stop it. Even though it is illogical, religion will always persist, because of the human tendency towards wish fulfillment, the human need to attribute cause to effect and the natural fear of death,
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Noel Noel
A. Christians are suppose to determine what is right or wrong by the religion's doctrine. By this these acts are within the realm of 'ok' in gods eyes. I personally think that it is savage and should be a punishable war crime. Of course this is a human who said that 'god' said this so is all of the bible. B. I would believe that it was not a god who decided this and it was a human trying to use god to their own ends. That person and soldiers would be punishable no matter what god they worshiped. C. It is what we call genocidal, and punishable by the Geneva Convention as a War Crime. Those involved would be punished in accord with this treaty. D. Humanity uses religion to satisfy their ends. When a man or woman speaks religion by action I am immediately suspicious. Religion does not cause us to do anything. Religion does not allow us to impose any kind of belief or way of life upon anyone. Religion is about humanity's choices and that they are our own no matter what delusion, or dream one man or woman came up with. It is not like a God has come down themselves to iron out the confusion so one can only conclude that they do not care nor desire to get involved with the trials of mankind. What we believe is a choice. When we hurt someone, we know it. It is in our genes to understand when another human is in danger, or being hurt by us or someone else. This is what was 'given' to us. We developed words, we developed war, and we developed this confusion. Of course any omnipotent god who created everything knew of this and apparently had no intention of intervening on that matter.
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