Does anyone know any good books to read? maybe a love story, thats what i prefer?

Does anyone know any good books to read? maybe a love story, thats what i prefer? Topic: Free science research articles
June 20, 2019 / By Katee
Question: I have read the entire twilight saga, Time travelers wife, lovely bones, many Jane Austen books, and just about the entire collection of Dannielle Steel. So those are out of the question. Thanks to anyone who can help!!
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Best Answers: Does anyone know any good books to read? maybe a love story, thats what i prefer?

Heaven Heaven | 9 days ago
Charlaine Harris wrote the series of books that the HBO show Trueblood was based on. Those are fun. Also, she has a series about a young woman who was struck by lightning and when she's near a corpse can tell what it died from. There's sneak peek at chapter one of "Grave Secret" in this series at http://www.charlaineharris.com/ If you like science fiction, Nick Sagan (Carl Sagan's son) wrote Idlewild, Edenborn, and Everfree about some genetically enhanced kids who were designed to save the world from a virulent disease called Black Ep. I don't like hard science fiction, that is, the stories about hardware, spaceships and killing aliens, so much as what I call social science fiction, stories that illuminate what it means to be human in an otherworldly or other time context. Speaking of which, anything by Ursula K. LeGuin is really good, The Left Hand of Darkness (about a Earth ambassador to a race of single sex humanoids that change into either male or female during 'kemmer' which is sort of like estrus or 'heat' for dogs, and The Lathe of Heaven, about a man who can dream massive changes to reality and the psychologist who exploits him. In one scene, the psychologists gives him the suggestions to solve the problem of racism and George, the protagonist, dreams and then causes everyone to become a uniform gray color. These are my favorites of hers. You can find a free download of a short story by Sagan at www.nicksagan.com and an excerpt from Chapter 10 of The Lathe of Heaven http://www.ursulakleguin.com/Excerpt-Lat... Historical fiction and romance, if that be to your taste, has a great champion in Diana Gabaldon with her Outlander series. It begins with Outlander, Dragonfly In Amber, and Voyager. There are seven published with rumors of an eighth to come. It tells of a nurse in WWII who after the war reunites with her husband. Here is an excerpt from the article in Wikipedia that explains it succintly: "Claire Randall is a practical woman, a nurse in the British Army during World War II. She and her husband Frank, who were separated during the war, have recently reunited and are enjoying a second honeymoon in Inverness, Scotland. They married there and they believe, the war did not scar so much as it had England. Frank also combined their holiday with some research into his family tree, investigating an ancestor named "Black Jack" Randall, who was a Captain in the Army in the 18th century. After seeing some obligatory Scottish sites, such as Loch Ness, Claire goes to a nearby site of standing stones to collect plants with a local amateur botanist. He shows her a group of standing stones on the hill of Craigh na Dun. When Claire tells Frank about them, he decides that he wants to see them in hopes of observing a Druid. When they arrive, they witness a group of local women enacting an old pagan ritual. As a history professor, Frank is fascinated; Claire, a budding amateur botanist, is particularly captivated by the flowers and herbs she finds, although the unusual ritual is of interest to her. After a strange stormy night, when Frank sees what he thinks is a ghost, clad in highland dress including kilt and sporran, staring up at Claire through their window, Claire returns to the stones to collect a specimen she saw the day before. She realizes that she can hear a buzzing noise coming from the stones. The buzzing gets louder as she gets closer and placing her hand on one of the stones, becomes disoriented and blacks out. She wakes up to the sound of a battle off in the distance. Thinking it is a re-enactment or a movie set of some sort, she thinks nothing of it until she tries to find her way home. Things have changed inexplicably, including the fact that her ride is gone. Struggling to find her way back and make sense of her surroundings, she is detained by Captain "Black Jack" Randall, who is, incidentally, the six times great-grandfather of her husband, Frank. To add to her confusion, he is her husband's doppelganger. Unfortunately for Claire, Randall has earned the "Black" in spades and proceeds to attempt to assault Claire, asking her why she is travelling alone in a "state of undress" and concludes that she is a prostitute. She is saved by a short, gnarly Scotsman named Murtagh, who knocks Randall unconscious and takes her to the other Scotsmen of his party who have been rustling cattle." The reason I think this book is so great is that it gives such a detailed picture of daily life in 1700's Scotland and later in North Carolina when Claire and her 18th century husband Jaime emigrate. As the author of the Wikipedia article writes, "The novel is not easily classified by genre. On one level, the work is a romance novel with a focus on the romantic relationship between the two main characters. However, the book breaks certain romance genre conventions—the heroine, for instance, is slightly older than the hero. The book could be described as a work of historical fiction with a
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Heaven Originally Answered: I love to read books soo?
I suggest "The It Girl" Series by Cecily von Zeigesar. I'm in love with it. Twilight Saga is a must. I also like the Clique Series by Lisi Harrison but it may be a bit juvenile to you. The Posuer Series. Private Series, A-List Series, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Secrets of my Hollywood Life, and Summer Boys Series are all good. My Sisters Keeper was amazingly amazing in my opinion, as are all of Jodi Picoult's books. Natasha Friend's books Perfect, Lush, and Bounce are also very good. "Thirteen Reasons Why" is great. Also, Sonya Sones's books are good, quick reads. Anything by Nicholas Sparks or Sarah Dessen. And this last one's a little different but "When I was Puerto Rican" by Esmeralda Santiago is pretty okay. Its a Summer reading book for my school but Im actually enjoying it. Sorry for rambling so much. I hope i helped!! =]

Dot Dot
Stephen Kings The Dark Tower sequence. a million. The Gunslinger two. Drawing of the Three three. The Wastelands four. Wizard and Glass five. Wolves of Calla 6. Song of Susannah 7. The Dark Tower. One fine tale in seven novels. <}:-})
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Cathy Cathy
Gentlehands by M.E. Kerr Here's a summary of the book from http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39613... Buddy Boyle lives year-round with his family in unfashionable Seaville, New York, in a cramped little house on the bay. Skye Pennington spends the summers nearby on lavish estate complete with ocean view and a butler named Peacock. But Skye and Buddy fall in love anyway. And every once in a while they visit Buddy's estranged grandfather, who makes them forget they're from opposite sides of town. Then a reporter appears, searching for a man known as Gentlehands, a man with a horrifying past. Who is Gentlehands? And what is his connection to Buddy's handsome, aristocratic grandfather? The mystery threatens to shatter Buddy and Skye's relationship, and change their lives forever. There's an excerpt from the opening chapter at: http://www.yabookscentral.com/cfusion/in...
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Annamay Annamay
100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. An amazing book, with many a love story embedded within it.
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Woody Woody
I am just like you. I suggest you read the 2 book series: Even Now and Ever After by Karen Kingsbury. They are amazing...! I guarantee you will fall in love with these books! :)
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