AMD and Intel cpu families order?

AMD and Intel cpu families order? Topic: How to write almost anything better and faster
June 25, 2019 / By Krystina
Question: What is the order from best to least of cpu families from AMD and Intel? Are there any processor models within a family that are an exception to the order? Which families are dual, triple, or quad cored and how can I tell by the name (for AMD isn't X2 dual, X3 triple, and X4 quad)? Is it safe to assume that a higher number model within a family is better than lower number models? Also, how comparing dual core to quad core, how much slower can each core in the quad core be to be equal with dual core?For example is it better if I get a quad core that runs at 2.8 GHz each, or is it better to get a dual core that runs faster like 3.0 GHz or 3.3 GHz?
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Jedida Jedida | 7 days ago
AMD X2 is dual core, X3 is triple core, X4 is quad core, and X6 is hex core. Yeah. Generally higher numbers within the same family mean it's more powerful, and AMD has "black edition" which means the multiplier on the CPU is unlocked for easier and more effective overclocking. The processors you can still find easily for purchase are of the Athlon II and Phenom II families, Phenom II is newer. The upcoming line of desktop processors (supposed to be out a few days ago but got delayed due to general crappiness) will be called FX. Intel's more recent families of desktop processors go Core2 (duo or quad for 2 or 4 cores) and i3/i5/i7. The first generation i series has a 3 digit number after the dash, and the second generation has a 4 digit number starting with 2. The next generation will have a 4 digit number starting with 3. Once again, higher numbers generally mean more power. i3 usually has 2 cores with hyperthreading, which means the 2 cores act like 4 less powerful cores when necessary. i5 usually has 4 cores but some of the older ones have 2 with hyperthreading, and i7 is usually 4 cores with hyperthreading but some have 6. Many of the processors, especially the new ones, have turbo boost which allows a core to run faster if the other cores aren't doing anything. In a processor with 2 cores, even if the clock speed is the same as a single core processor, you won't get 2 times the performance. Close, but not quite. A processor with 4 cores is not twice as fast as a processor with 2 cores either. Each additional core increases performance a little bit less than the last - this is called scaling. Scaling is improving, which is one of the reasons processors are coming out with more and more cores. The important thing to know is that software has to be written in a way that allows it to use more than 1 core. Since multi-core processors have been around a while now and have almost completely replaced single core processors, more and more software can use more and more cores, but still most of it won't use more than 2 or 4. The best processor choice for you depends on the software you'll use. Most newer games will use 4 cores so the quad core is the better choice for them, professional grade production and editing software has always been able to use multiple cores because studios often used numerous computers working in parallel to render the production even before multi-core processors existed. Anymore, the only things that can only use 1 core are things that don't need a lot of processing power to work well. The reason I might suggest a dual core processor over a quad core is mostly due to price - if you don't need 4 cores don't pay for them. Within the next 6 months Intel and AMD will both be launching desktop processors with 8 cores, and both have plans for more desktop processors in the future with 10 or 12 cores. Meanwhile, they have only recently reached the clock speeds they had attained on single core processors years ago - just under 4Ghz
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Faye Faye
if we talk about the ones popular today (not the whole old history ) its like this for amd x2 x3 and x4 means exactly what you thougt, dual ,tripple and quad core, so thats simple then you have 2 series right now, athlon 2 and phenom 2 (just athlon and phenom without the 2 is the old series which is alot slower) athlon is the slower family and phenom is the faster ofc you rather get a athlon 2 x4 (quad) then a phenom 2 x2 if you can as for intel you have a few other series they have i3 (dual core) i5 (dual and quad core) i7 (quad core with Hyper Threading) and then intel have some different sockets 1155, 1156 and 1366 1155 is the newest and the fastest and thier names have 4 numers, like 2400 or 2500 1156 got i3, i5 and i7 i3 is 3xx i5 is 5xx and i7 is 8xx for the 1366 socket you only have i7, 9xx series any intel will beat amd cpu's dual core i3 beats both althon 2 x2 and phenom 2 x2 a quad core i5 beats all amd cpu's even up to thier six core cpu's and the i7 ofc is even better (if you have use of it that is) higher numer in series ushally mean higher clock, which isent always a good thing, like paying dubble the price for .2Ghz aint worth it ofc either way if you can, get intel, they may cost more but they are faster (as of now, we will see when amd's new cpu's come out) i may have missted something, been up all night so xD
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Corrina Corrina
http://homepage.ntlworld.com/peter.ellin... there really isn't a good enough chart that's up to date but that's the best I could find atm... If you're asking all this to figure out what you want, get a quad or more, there are quads running at 3.2 ghz factory that you can easily oc to 4 or higher. I personally have an x6 running at 4.2 each. This next part is an edit because I just read what was posted above me. He is obviously a fan boi of intel and he's allowed that. I am a fan boi of nothing, however he isn't entirely truthful in the ranting of intel is better then amd any day etc. AMD chips have a higher floating point then any intel chips. That means they are better on certain calculations then their competition. I have nothing against intel or amd, i was just pointing that out, they both have their uses depending on what you're going to do with your build.
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Bethanie Bethanie
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/axjSG nope, not a whelk in a supernova's chance, well not unless you consider eBay to buy a new computer. the message is saying that you have an AMD processor in your computer but that the web site (or software needed to accessit) will only work with an Intel.
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