Whats wrong with my mother kitty's nipples? URGENT?

Whats wrong with my mother kitty's nipples? URGENT? Topic: What is case method teaching
June 27, 2019 / By Lesly
Question: ok so my momma kitty has 6 babies and her nipples are all red and swollen and they are crusty and they look super sore what can we put on her nipples to heal them because i am feeling so bad about my kitty please help she looks like she is hurting and walking wierd because of it i also want something that wont hurt the kittens when my cat nurses the kittens thanks need all the help i can get
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Josie Josie | 3 days ago
I found this online. Do any of these symptoms seem to be what she has ? Mastitis Any lactating mammal, a cat included, can develop the painful ailment called mastitis. Its cause is a retention of milk in the breast, making it turn to a cottage-cheeselike substance instead of free-flowing milk. This occurs either because the mother cat is producing more milk than the kitten is drinking or because of a deformity in the teat itself that does not allow the milk to escape. Signs of mastitis include red and swollen teats that can appear to be bruised. The teats are overly hot to the touch. It is possible to manually "milk" the mastitis infection out of the cat's teat. However, unless you have prior experience or have been taught by a veterinarian, it is best to seek professional advice for a first encounter with mastitis. Placing hot compresses on the teat can alleviate symptoms. In many cases, however, antibiotics are necessary to clear the infection. Nail Scratches The nails of kittens develop very quickly and become razor sharp within the first week of life. They are getting ready to scratch just like their mother. They naturally dig their claws into their mother as they nurse; in most cases they miss the teat but hit her belly instead. In some cases, though, a kitten can scratch his or her mother's teat, causing tearing and bleeding of this sensitive tissue. Apply standard feline first aid methods of cleaning the wound with hydrogen peroxide and a nontoxic antibiotic cream. Trim kittens' nails once a week to reduce the chances of nail scratches.
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dont want to frighten you but maybe she should see a doctor - worst case scenario would be the development of a brain tumour one of my family members had the same experience and this is what it was - he had it removed and is fine now please do not entertain the evil spirit suggestion - this would have been the explanation before the advancement of medical science

Geraldine Geraldine
This isn't something serious or fatal, its normal. She has 6 kittens, so her nipples will be doing weird stuff like that for the arrival of the kittens. If you feel that uncomfortable with it, you may contact your vet for answers. But don't worry, this is natural since she has all these kittens. Also, it is important for you to keep the mother well fed with nutrients for her sake, and the kittens. Good luck!
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Delphina Delphina
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Caileigh Caileigh
She is a cat, her nipples are sore because she's feeding 6 kittens. Think about your nipples when you had a baby, Sore, swollen and red.
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Almira Almira
if you phone a vet they will give you the advice you need and tell you what to do do you have a 24 hour vet in ur area
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