Does anyone know anything about military TECHNOLOGY?

Does anyone know anything about military TECHNOLOGY? Topic: Essay about technology
July 24, 2019 / By Ulla
Question: Please help me? I have to write a 250 word essay about military technology.. does anyone have any ideas... It would be greatly appreciated... BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS
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Best Answers: Does anyone know anything about military TECHNOLOGY?

Sara Sara | 6 days ago
talk about how almost every solider gets some type of optic now on there weapon(acogorM68) unlike it was only 10 years ago, talk about land worrior and how it changes the battlefield, go to peosoldier.mil type it on google and that all you need
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Sara Originally Answered: What is a recent cutting-edge military technology?
I love the Crusher (If you want check it out on youtube/future weapons.), It's an unmanned robot with 6 wheels that can perform a number of tasks saving lives.It can also mount a number of different weapons/weapons systems. I like the Australian Metal Storm technology which is a new type of electronic firing and loading system for various types of guns such as mortar variant,hand gun variant and other variants putting out a wall of lead. Part of the beauty is the bullets are electronically fired one after the other as several bullets sit in each barrel. This can put out I think in one variant up to 1,000,000 Rounds per minute. Anyway that's my vote, my advice is to check out the Future Weapons show, Cheers John

Nona Nona
The fact that war has an almost mythological way of accelerating the development of it, which then translates, gradually, to civilian applications is a good start. It's probably the only good thing which ever comes out of war. If you want to be a right smart a*se, you could drop in that superglue was originally developed as a fast and highly effective way to close wounds. It might not be what you've got in mind, but it is military in origin and developed for a specific purpose. It is very, very definitely military tech. If you use Wiki, as someone else has suggested, be extremely careful to rewrite everything you use because it's such a common source everyone knows about it. DO NOT use it obviously or you will get busted. Use it exceptionally carefully.
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Lyssa Lyssa
Are you looking for current technology, developing technology, or overall theory of application? For developing technology the best place to look is DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). DARPA has some great articles on existing programs. Not a lot of technical details (obviously) but a good general discussion of what's being developed and what the end goal is. Look for less obvious stuff to make your report stand out. Everybody always gets a cheap thrill out of the big flashy stuff like new planes or tanks or ships, etc. but the stuff that truly impacts the life of the average military serviceman/woman on a grand scale is rarely some congressman's shiny new pet project. As an old mud-slogger I can tell you the stuff that DARPA is developing the is really exciting to me has nothing to do with weapons systems. Sure a new rifle is nice but the piece of tech that gave me a warm feeling in the last twenty years was Blue Force Tracking. Stuff that I look forward to in the future is stuff that is going to keep me warm and/or cool in the field like the RTX systems.
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Kelan Kelan
You could write about the M16 which is the standard military-issue rifle and fires a 5.56 millimeter round(the round is also simply called a five five six). Those who we are fighting against primarily use the AK-47 which fires the 7.62 mm round. Our militarys' tank is the M1 Abrams tank and is used in iraq and afghanistan the F-22 is a new aircraft that goes much faster, has a heavier payload and can resist mor G's than the F-16 If you need more things, try watching Future Weapons
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Innogen Innogen
Conservatism of design: Military technology in life critical applications lags the state-of-the-art by years, and in some cases decades, because it is better to deal with obsolescent but well understood systems than to discover a previously undocumented bug the hard way.
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