Thoughts on this tattoo?

Thoughts on this tattoo? Topic: Chest piece tattoos writing letters
July 23, 2019 / By Digory
Question: Ok just to be clear...no ones thoughts or opinions on the tattoo I'm getting are going to change my mind on getting it!! Ok now that that's clear I was just curious what would go through peoples minds when seeing me with this tattoo!! My friend is a great tattoo artist and shop owner he will be drawing my tattoo but here is a picture similar to the one I will be getting! Without the tribal under the flowers and with Beautiful Disaster written above it. It will be a chest piece!! http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j260/vinilla_kisses/tn.jpg?t=1235706561 The meaning behind it is that I'm always being told I'm gorgeous or beautiful....but time and time again my life just seems to be a disaster...I use to cut myself, I was bad into drugs, had my son when I was 15, and so on....so the flowers are me the guns are how I see my life and the words are somewhat self explainatory!! the picture in here isnt the actually one i'm getting just the general idea my friend (the tattooist/shop owner) will be makeing it my very own!! to kalven s and well anyone else wondering...my tattoo will NOT have color...black and shading thats it...I personally do not like color tattoos...but hey we all like what we like right??!! haha...Gggg G aparently you did not read the first line of this!!! Yes I have a son...but what does that have to do with me getting a tattoo?? Nothing!!! I already have tattoos...I am finishing school for cosmetology and you know what....I'm wasting my time...because people like you are always quick to judge and really don't know whats going on in the other persons life!! So next time make sure you know what your talking about before you talk!!! Ok sorry had to vent people like that irritate me!! I know some people just don't like tattoos but before you are going to preach to me make sure you know what you are talking about!!!
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Blake Blake | 7 days ago
I love that concept. Meaning wise the tattoo will speak for itself. I think if I saw it I would say "Kick A** tattoo" I would suggest that maybe do the whole tattoo black & shading except the flowers. Good Luck _______ADDED!! haha Hun I wouldn't worry about "gggG" If you notice he/she can't spell, and don't know the difference between the number "0" and the letter "o" on the keyboard so..I think they are the one that should go to school lol.
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Blake Originally Answered: Thoughts on this tattoo idea?
Hi JB, I think initials is a really bad idea, particularly as it's your sister. I think that names, initials, for any reason are tacky, but that is only my opinion. I really like the idea of Roman numerals.....on thing to bear in mind, is how did the Romans write a date? I think that if you were born on 2/24/80 then II/XXIV/MCMLXXX looks a bit stupid. The Roman Calendar doesn't work exactly the same as ours. What might be a nice compromise is if you got each other's year of birth........ so 1990 would be MCMXC I was born in 1979 so mine would be MCMLXXIX I just think that writing Roman Numeral date in our modern format is silly, as it just isn't right, it's not how it would be done. Have a think about it, and see what you think..... Nice idea :-)

Acke Acke
I love tattoos, so such a lot. I additionally agree tattoos must have which means and a few truly purpose to the landlord, it simply indicates them as a individual in paintings and usually even tells a tale. It bothers me whilst folks simply get tattoos of something due to the fact that they suggestion it regarded cool as it is simply dull to waste cash and ink on some thing you'll be able to remorse or after they get their buddy to do it for them and it fairly appears terrible, I imply whether it is primary to you why now not get it to seem remarkable? Also while in a few places of work tattoos are not fairly authorized as they seem 'unprofessional' I imply I comprehend this however I do believe this can be a little unfair as you realize if our frame is a temple why now not beautify it, it is our frame proper? Overall tattoos are AWESOME, however I do see why a few folks don't like them that is reasonable sufficient they're allowed an opinion :)
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Spring Spring
Chest piece was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw that, so good choice on the location. And I personally think the flowers look kind of crowded (but, that could just be the size of the picture), so you may wanna have your artist play around with that. Other than that, I quite like it & think it's going to look good when it's done.
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Primrose Primrose
I think a coloured tattoo like that would just rock? Hope my answer was helpful? I think if you decide to get it in black it is your decision, but i think it is still a wonderful piece to get to show how far you have come in life?
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Mavis Mavis
its looks nice get a good tattooist who does good work, if you have it in a higher quality i could photoshop it on you so you know kind of how it would look and a feel for the tattoo and that ggg g should get back in school,anyone who writes/types like that is a moron on the highest level
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Laura Laura
Love it! Love gun and flower designs. Chest pieces aren't my thing but as far as they go, I think it's a great choice. Good luck!!
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Laura Originally Answered: Thoughts on getting a tattoo in Hebrew though I am not Jewish?
I think some will take offense for several reasons. Jews strickly follow the biblical command NOT to tattoo. During World War II hundreds of thousands of jews in concentration camps were tattooed with a number on their arms by the nazis - partly to keep track of them and partly because the Nazi's knew they would be deeply offended by their skin being defaced. To every concentration camp surivor out there who still has to stare every day at that awful reminder of the Jewish Holocaust, YOUR tattoo (as a jew) would be an outrage. I suggest you do a little homework on jews and tattoos before you do this.

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