What are some words that, when in plural form, don't end with the letter "s"?

What are some words that, when in plural form, don't end with the letter "s"? Topic: Case syllabus
July 23, 2019 / By Festus
Question: Words like formula (pl. formulae). What are some words like that? My friends and I were trying to list some earlier, because we were bored, but we couldn't think of too many. What are some nouns that when in plural form, do not end in the letter "s"? Thank you!!
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Damion Damion | 1 day ago
Here are some VERY common ones... Mouse >> Mice Goose >> Geese Foot >> Feet Child >> Children Person >> People Woman >> Women Man >> Men ...here are some lesser known ones... Nucleus >> Nuclei Cactus >> Cacti Syllabus >> Syllabi Fungus >> Fungi Octopus >> Octopi Phenomenon >> Phenomena Formula >> Formulae Nautilus >> Nautili Curriculum >> Curricula Stimulus >> Stimuli Hippopotamus >> Hippopotami (although hippopotamuses is also correct) Ox >> Oxen Dice >> Die Criterion >> Criteria Louse >> Lice Bureau >> Bureaux ...and here are some VERY uncommon ones. Datum >> Data Medium >> Media Stadium >> Stadia Cherub >> Cherubim Supernova >> Supernovae Focus >> Foci Forum >> Fora Alumnus >> Alumni Alumna >> Alumnae Cow >> Kine (although it is very timeworn and not used very much anymore) Bracket >> Braces* Index >> Indices (although indexes is correct) Appendix >> Appendices (although appendixes is also correct) *A bracket is what is attached to each tooth when someone has braces. In the case of index, appendix and bracket, the plurals DO end in "s", but I put them here because they are different from the singular form of the word. There are also some words where the singular form is the same as the plural form. Such words include sheep, deer, moose, and fish. There are also hyphenated words that are a bit peculiar when pluralized, including... Day-off >> Days-off Mother-in-law >> Mothers-in-law Editor-in-chief >> Editors-in-chief ...but there are some hyphenated nouns that DO NOT end in "s" after the first word, such as... Merry-go-round >> Merry-go-rounds Forget-me-not >> Forget-me-nots What I've noticed is that the hyphenated words that have an "s" after the first word in the hyphenated word, such as day-off, are hyphenated words that begin with a noun. Such words as merry-go-round and forget-me-not and t-shirt do not begin with nouns. "Merry" is an adjective and "forget" is a verb. So, in such words as that, the "s" comes after the last word. Although this doesn't really relate to your question, the words alms, amends, cattle, clothes, doldrums, ides, pants, pliers, scissors, shorts, smithereens, and trousers, are the only words in the English dictionary where there is no singular form. I just thought I'd thrown that into the mix, as I thought it was very interesting. I hope I've helped. ☆
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Averill Averill
Sheep. Fish. Deer. Cacti. Mice. Antennae. Children. Men. Women. Geese. Feet. Nuclei. People. Teeth. That's as many as I can think of! Edit (I thought of more): Bacteria. Criteria. Phenomena. Salmon, tuna, practically every fish lol. Fruit.
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