I need some serious advice on girls?

I need some serious advice on girls? Topic: How to write an article introducing yourself
July 23, 2019 / By Kian
Question: I am finally attending my favorite University this semester, I moved in 3 days ago and I still have not met the Women's soccer team, what can I do? Classes have not began yet. But I really need to meet someone that plays soccer for the women's team. I have been frustrated the last few days.
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Hue Hue | 6 days ago
See the soccer coach. Tell him or her you are writing an article on womens' soccer and would like to how women decide they like soccer and why. As if you could be introduced to some or all of the players who would tell you a little about themselves. Have a series of questions ready. ie "when did you first decide you wanted to play soccer? Did you pick this university because of its soccer program? Does it meet your expectations? Do you plan to continue playing it after you finish college? May I ask what your career goals are? What other sports do you like, if any.? This is a sleeper question;however, would you like dating a man who plays soccer? May I ask what you played in highschool? etc. Soccer is rather an agressive sport. Do consider yourself an agressive person on the field? Ask if you could use their names in the article. Idea is to keep them talking about themselves. Only talk about yourself when asked to do so, but make it brief. Now write a short article: " Why girls play soccer" and run copies off for the women you interviewed and the coach. Be sure to get her permission to use her name in the article.
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First of all I'm the same way. Second of all even though I'm a guy my adivce isn't useless. Most guys are retards who never mature past middle shcool. Have you ever heard the term "nice guys finish last"? I'm sure you can tell what it means and this seems to be the case for you. You need self confidence. You need to be funny and make a girl laugh, but at the same time not look like an immature jackass. If this is not you, your going to have one hell of a time around chicks. But when it comes down to it just be yourself. The right person will come. Some chick will see you for who you really are, and she will love you for it. This will be far better then any relationship with some random chick who will use you because you are so nice.
Hue Originally Answered: Why is it that girls don't like me at all? (I need a girls help since guys have no good advice most of time)?
Dear Green Eggs...This is relatively infantile stuff. What's with the storming off? Young men and women of tuition age are obviously awkward on the grounds that those are the early days of hormonal and social maturation. Both the man and woman need to supply each and every different a reasonable shake and recover from themselves. If this nonsense maintains, drop the complete factor. Otherwise, it could be fair for the man to system the lady (with politeness and no longer anticipating something in go back) to mention hey and ask her if he may have her telephone quantity. If she says sure, he will have to take it, thank her, and stroll her to anywhere it's she goes. Set up a well time to name and phone her at the moment. Do no longer be overdue, don't chook out. DO train what you'll say approximately quarter-hour upfront and maintain a tumbler of water subsequent to you in case the infamous cotton-mouth assault hits you because the telephone jewelry. TRY to stick calm, and to not lead with "Ah, Um, Hi." Really do your first-rate. After the primary few seconds, you'll be able to bear in mind to breath and the whole lot else will fall into situation. What if she says no or ignores you or some thing? Well, you've gotten performed your due diligence and will transfer on as soon as and for all. Don't take to scowling at her someday as it is going to simply create extra drama and isn't valued at the exertion of your facial muscle mass, the related mind energy, and many others....
Hue Originally Answered: Why is it that girls don't like me at all? (I need a girls help since guys have no good advice most of time)?
Well, maybe to other girls you seem slightly desperate? In no way do I mean to offend but some girls *not all* like a bit of a chase apparently. It takes time to find a genuine and great partner, so maybe the right girl needs to pop up in your life!

Enosh Enosh
't' nahh- i;m not that mean. Just hang around the place- pretend to be interested and get talking with them. Who knows- they might be alright people :)
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Be there for her, write her letters when she is away (snail mail) girls like that, it's a good way to let her know that you are thinking of her and that she is important to you. Also she will love being able to show her friends how wonderful of a boyfriend she has. :) Also, call her and text her so you don't lose contact, ask her about her day and encourage her to talk to you about the future. Make sure you two want the same thing form your relationship and don't force her or pressure her into taking steps that she doesn't want to take. As people grow older their interests may change and you two may go in different directions, just remember that and don't try to force anything that just isn't in the cards for you and her! Make sure you make her feel valuable and set aside time for her, ask her to have a picnic with you or do something romantic like that, where you two can talk and just be alone. Maybe set aside one or two days a week to try something new, like a new restaurant or go to the park together or the beach or something you both can experience and enjoy to keep your relationship fresh and changing. Don't let her get bored!
Enosh Originally Answered: Can I get a girls advice please?
The best thing to do in this situation is to just let what happens happen. If you love her, then good. Maybe talk to her about being worried about you both growing apart and maybe she can help you too.

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