Registering to vote?-please help I never get the card.?

Registering to vote?-please help I never get the card.? Topic: Give your other vote to the sister
June 25, 2019 / By Zephania
Question: I have been trying so much to register to vote but I never get that darn card in the mail, which you cant vote without right? I have registered at least 6 times in the past 9 months and still have never got a card. I have registered with those people that have petitions to sign as well as a group of people at my school whos job was to get you registered (that was about 1 month ago). Shouldn't I have got at least that card by now? My sister was thinking maybe the first time I registered they forgot to send the card and every other time they see I am registered. I dunno but its really annoying with the elections coming up. Where can I go to either call to see if I am registered and get a card or re-register and it actually get sent. WTF why are the first 2 answers so dumb. Answer or dont bother. As for the 3rd, will all court houses be that way? I can do that and that sounds great you get the card right away. I have been re-registerinf like a crazy woman. ANY opportunity to register I take, but no results! Sorry California i never voted before cuz my 18th bday was a few weeks after the last prez election and after that I was too busy to pay attention and now I cant get the darn card.
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Best Answers: Registering to vote?-please help I never get the card.?

Skye Skye | 10 days ago
I registered at my court house and if you have ID they give you the card immediately. I did not need my card to vote however because the people running my precinct knew me personally. ***Edit: Try this site and see if it can provide the information you need http://www.vote411.org/ A simple ID should suffice when you go to vote in CA. But back to the card you want, In addition to ID I think I needed a proof of my address, which is the point of that card they mail to you and since I had that they didn't have to mail anything to confirm it.
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Orian Orian
I've been registered since I was 18, and just got my card about 6 months ago...I'm 29 now! However, I've always been able to vote without any hassle...just show your ID and you can whip through like all other qualified voters. Hopefully you current address matches the address you signed on the Voter's Application...if so, you're ready! And, even if they dont match, you still are ready because they are more concerned with you being you, not where you live. Be sure you vote at the precinct designated for your address. This information is usually posted in local newspaper days b4 an upcoming election and perhaps the 6 o'clock news may give a website to look up the location.
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Lehi Lehi
You didn't say what state you are in, but most states will issue the card when you are entered in the register of voters. You do need to confirm that you have been registered, and you need to know where you are supposed to vote. Once you are on the register you will not really need the voter registration card. You can usually show ID, or if they recognize you be allowed to vote on that basis.
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Jaden Jaden
if you are real worried , just re register , you can do it on line just do a web search also don't worry just having a drivers license will count as id for voting
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Finnegan Finnegan
...call (or go by personally) to your county voter registration office ....tell them you need the darn card!!!...they can get it for you ....please, let me praise your effort to vote!!! ...see ya' at tha' polls....to elect our Senators and U.S. Representatives ....i am pzzzzd offff at the onezzzz there juz now, (Texan by birth)
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Darien Darien
I would call the courthouse in your county. There should be someone there who knows who is in charge of it.
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