How can I set this goal?

How can I set this goal? Topic: Weekly homework
July 23, 2019 / By Zephaniah
Question: of always attending every day classes, never missing class, never being late and never procrastinating, handing in your homework completed and on time, How would you set this goal?
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Best Answers: How can I set this goal?

Skylar Skylar | 1 day ago
Keep a weekly log of everytime you go to class on time and turn in oyur assignments on time,then at the end of the week reward yourself for each week you go to class on time everyday.
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Skylar Originally Answered: Can you help me reach my goal? please help?
Take care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet. Don't abuse your body, don't overload it, and don't deny it any of the things it needs. Identify your abilities. Everyone is good at something. Try to discover what you excel in and then focus on your talent. Learn to take pride in them. Give yourself credit for your successes.Find something that interests you or pick up art, music or writing to express yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and list the positive qualities that you have. This would work on self-worth. Love yourself. Take a realistic evaluation of yourself. Be honest with yourself about how valuable you believe you are as a person. The way you see yourself and treat yourself is the very way others will see you and treat you. Good luck
Skylar Originally Answered: Can you help me reach my goal? please help?
Hi there, I keep re-thinking and remeniscing what you have composed in your question. I am now 35 and have quite a lot of experience in dealing with: self-esteem, self-confidence, self-pride, sel---fish : ), and so on. My point here is that teenage years is the best for everyone. Believe me! You can ask any adult through out your lifetime, and they will say their teenage years was the best experience anyone could have, why? because you are still learning, still developing new thoughts, new ideas, new experiments and many other new things. One way to overcome any problem is talking to your parents more often. When they are around and available, meaning that they have enough time in their hands and maybe their sitting at the porch or at d back yard, ask them how they are, then tell your story, things that bothers you, they might become your best doctors anyone could "buy". Trust someone who trusts you. And who could you trust more than Jesus, God! Pray to Him. The second way is to help people whoever they are who in turn need your help. They help you and at the same time, you would realize that you also have the same problem, but you are looking out, to them, and thus you automatically realize that you have found the answer to your self-confindence and everything else that are important for you. Thanks for giving the question, make my teenage nostalgia more memorable.

Ormerod Ormerod
Really, you just DO IT. If you set ALL THOSE GOALS at once, you will get overwhelmed and set yourself up to fail. Take on thing at a time. Like, "This week, I will not miss any classes. I will start my project tonight, even if I only get a little done. I will shower tonight and lay out my clothes for tomorrow." These tiny, easy steps will be met EASILY. And if you keep setting these same goals, every day, you will find the larger goal met before you know it. And good for you-what great goals for yourself.
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Leigh Leigh
Get one or two of the ff: a calendar (monthly, posted near your study table at home), a planner, and a bulletin board. Update them each day, and keep track of the deadlines. Sit in front of the class (or in the middle) all the time, and try to love the class (the lectures/topics). Don't let yourself be distracted easily. Do your homework first, and then, after that, you could watch TV, or hang out with your friends. Finally, reward yourself once you accomplish all of those goals. :)
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First of all, you haven't even sent a tape in to Disney and you already have your show canceled! :) This is a great goal but it doesn't have to be accomplished now. Don't do this just for your mother because she is feeling sad. Do it for you because you want it. You are very young and need to work on this goal. It won't be easy and won't happen right away. If you feel your voice and stage presence is good enough right now, then send a video to Disney. The worst they can do is say "No." You have a long life ahead of you. It's good that you are taking piano lessons. The more you know about music the better. Have you ever had a voice teacher critique your voice? You should do that before building up your hopes.

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