Does anyone ever feel that their psychiatrists/psychologists just don't get it, and can't help much?

Does anyone ever feel that their psychiatrists/psychologists just don't get it, and can't help much? Topic: Case study of health psychology
June 27, 2019 / By Abagail
Question: To me they seem like business people, conniving, controlling, all about the protocol and the money, time watching and have absolutely no interest or care about their "client." It feels like a business meeting. You're judged, you're examined, but there is no sense of understanding, desire to help the person, or even interest in them. That was my experience with many psychologists/psychiatrists. They also over-medicate, give extremely high doses sometimes, and just take the regular drug approach. If you say something like "well life is just hard and can really suck at times," they just think "Okay is this depression, is this bipolar," They have absolutely no common sense to realize that hey, y eah, life is hard and full of struggles and that CAN give a person mental disorders...they just can't seem to reason with that. Instead it's all about book definitions of mental disorders, and what's worse, they're just doing a job, and it's a business, and you get charged for it...and often times more than not, the treatment they give you isn't anything you couldn't have learned yourself in a psychology book from a bookstore or what not. I've tried so many different psychologists and psychiatrists, but so many of them just failed me. I feel like the mental health institution failed me. They either are only there to treat extreme cases and suicide cases, or prescribe meds and out the door you go. They really don't seem to have ANY interest whatsoever in actually helping you or making this world a better place, and if you dare so much as to speak all of this up or bring it up, it's an outrage, you're a bad patient and out the door you go. I've seen this happen. they're like [email protected] organizations, you can't talk badly against them or differ from their opinions, because if you do, "you're not working WITH them," and they give you other politically correct jargon to get rid of you and then you find yourself having to find another specialist. It's all controlled, connived protocol b8lshit system, designed to protect and maximize their profits, and it's really NOT about the patient at all at times. Am i right or am i right? lol. Now there ARE good doctors out there, but they're just so hard to find.
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Sorrel Sorrel | 3 days ago
Totally right. This is where our intelligence comes into play. We out do these people. People become psychologists etc for money and other power related reasons, but to be quiet honest with you, I have more depth and understanding than any of these morons. I have recently started working with a guy and I was intrigued to find out he was studying Psychology at Melbourne University (best university in Melbourne, Australia) I was like WOW! We have had lunch together about 10 times and he is as flat as a doormat. At first I thought he may have just been shy about talking about it or whatever, but NO. I have tried probing him with questions like what you learn there and what he understands about the human psyche etc etc etc as I love psychology and he just has a response which resembles somewhat of a grunt and shrug and says "the money's apprently fantastic, you could own your own home by 30" and I'm like, greatttttt....??? I just can't believe they let such a fuckwit into Melbourne University, I feel like it is a waste of space. I started speaking with him about mental disorders and what can trigger it etc and he starts going, who knows who cares and laughed. So Brad, next time you want an answer to a question that is causing you a sleepless night, I am free of charge!!! These people charge a fortune for **** all. Oh yeah, I will tell you the first and last time I went to a counsellor. We were sitting there and inside my head I knew I could outwit her in a split second, this woman was deluded. She drew a picture of a car on the whiteboard and said, your sister is NOT a car, I repeat NOT a car, you cannot drive her. I stood up and left. Haven't been back to one since. My own psychology makes me sleep at night if I can't get to sleep. Our own minds are so powerful, never doubt yourself.
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I'm a psychologist, you could interview me, unless you need a psychiatrist. Just leave your aim screen name in a best answer.
Sorrel Originally Answered: Are there any psychiatrists that I can interview?
Perhaps you should consider reading up on the field. The history, all the lawsuits, patient abuse etc. I can suggest any book by Dr. Peter Breggin, search on amazon.com. Good Luck!
Sorrel Originally Answered: Are there any psychiatrists that I can interview?
from my experience, trying to be your own dr. never works, i know thats not what its about but you have to trust that someone can hear everything and help. if you mean for like a school thing than scratch the above, anyway gl sorry did not read all of question till after answer, no. gl..

Osgood Osgood
there's a asserting "taking photos the pony would not restoration the leg" Take a wreck from despite is bothering you, occupy your techniques with something else. See a action picture, meet with somebody get some sparkling air at the same time, get greater solar that's a good treatment for melancholy. confer with somebody approximately what bothering you. once you're too embarrassed or are actually not in place to seek for expert help pass confer with a compete stranger, in basic terms pouring it out in many cases facilitates. that is absolutely everyone, a bum, a clergyman in a confessional (at the back of the curtain so wont even see you, and you do no longer must be religious, in basic terms could desire to talk to somebody, do no longer even ought to take heed to their advise). the final component is, despite is bugging you get it off your shoulders. appreciate each 2nd of your existence, do no longer think of what surpassed off in previous - it is at the back of. do no longer think of too far forward on the grounds which you will forget which you living interior the present. in basic terms appreciate your existence!
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Osgood Originally Answered: How many psychiatrists before I get adderall?
Ok, to set the record straight Adderall and other amphetamines can cause san entire host of problems while using it and while withdrawing from it, and you WILL go through withdraw. Christian is right when (s)he stated those possible side affects. Just to clarify here, I am way past SOPHOMORE in college. I am finishing my clinicals for my LCSW exam. I have been a freshman in college, a sophomore in college, a junior in college, a senior in college, a second year senior in college (since I double majored) and gotten a MA (Master's of Arts) in Social Work. I have worked with two different Addictionologist, 3 different rehabs, and a detox center. I am also a recovering drug addict....who used to use Concerta, Ritalin, and Adderall.... Now, just to show up my classes in Philosophy and Logic...Kathy you have some VERY serious fallacies in your reasoning and conclusions... 1) IF you are going to a doctor for ADHD or ADD without Hyperactivity then you should have already been screened for it. They will give you a psychological evaluation that specifically tests for ADHD or ADHD without Hyperactivity.... If this is not the case, I would request one, either by going to your GP (General Practitioner) and telling him/her that you have a very hard time studying and paying attention and you would like to be screened for ADHD or ask the Psychiatrist you are working with. 2) The reason you sound like you are a 20 year old looking for pills is because you specifically asked for Adderall, believe me, most doctors will not write you a script for this if you specifically ask for it the way you have here and have never been diagnosed properly with ADHD or ADHD without Hyperactivity. There is an alternative called Straterra. This is not an amphetamine but is an ADHD medication. 3) If you don't want to see a crap doctor that gives Rxs out to anyone, you really shouldn't have simply asked how to get Adderall out of your doctor. 4) If you take an amphetamine medication and you DO NOT have ADHD, you will still pull all nighters all the time and feel like crap, because Adderall will pump you up and you will NOT be able to sleep, it is essentially like taking speed, in fact is basically is legalized speed.
Osgood Originally Answered: How many psychiatrists before I get adderall?
Taking adderall to enhance your concentration may seem worth it in the long run but the withdrawals aren't. users that don't necessarily need it experience hectic side effects such as: paranoid psychosis, more agitation and anxiousness, less appetite, heart problems, mood swings, depression, etc. It's better to not take the easy way out. Being normal doesn't mean taking adderall/ritalin. And if you want adderall that badly, just find someone who sells speed. Adderall is composed of amphetamines which is basically speed. THOUGH I've read online that it is easy to fake the symptoms of ADHD so you could try reading into that. Your choice. EDIT: And i actually did do those speeches last fall semester, I'm into my second year of college as well. And although rare, it doesn't mean any of it is false. And the way you phrased it sounded as if you were trying to fake it since you were looking for an easy way out. I'm just saying.

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