Does this ring true to you? "liberals actually want to help other people, as.?

Does this ring true to you? "liberals actually want to help other people, as.? Topic: Come to a conclusion by reasoning
May 25, 2019 / By Ayn
Question: opposed to just being concerned about themselves." I saw that as part of an answer on here, and it struck me as odd, because if Liberals just want to help other people, they can do so without requiring the government to force others to help. It seems to me, that respecting the wishes of people that don't wish to participate in a collective project some liberal deems "good" could be seen as a "caring act". The use of the government to force someone to participate in something they deem morally, ethically, or personally repugnant just seems to be more of a wish to exert their will over that of another citizen by extortion, rather than reasoning them around to their position. This is my first question on here: I expect and welcome the hate I am sure is coming, but I hope I get one or two answers that are somewhat thoughtful. If not, oh well, I realize I did not express this as well as I could have. I gave thumbs up to more than some of these answers. To the "commie" I reject using government to force people to fund things they are against on principle. Government funded abortion comes to mind. If you can convince people to fund this on its own merits, more power too you. It is the use of government force I object too. Mysterious Racer P- That was the most reasonable and well thought out response I have ever seen on Y/A. I disagree on many points in the macro and agree with many in the micro if that makes sense to you. You made me think. Thank you! I will try to phrase my questions better in the future with you in mind. Dads Boy. You seem to have jumped to some conclusions I did not mean to impart in that question. I should have phrased it better I guess. I think we have more in common than you seem to think. I will chalk that up to a failure to communicate what I wanted to in my question. I wish I could see the questions as I write my feedback. It would be easier.
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Best Answers: Does this ring true to you? "liberals actually want to help other people, as.?

Abijah Abijah | 10 days ago
Eh, I'm not going to throw any hate at you. I disagree with you wholeheartedly, but I've got no reason to hate you or act like I do. You dislike liberal societal mores that you feel are being pushed on you; I disliked the conservative societal mores that I felt were being pushed on me during the Bush administration. Welcome to the reality of living in a non-homogenous society in which countless different cultures migrated and formed their own non-homogenous subsocities in different regions of America. The best that we can do is try to figure out where both sides can exist in a happy medium - maybe happy isn't the right word, so much as content... The problem that I see now is the same problem that I saw with the "liberal" side under Bush - the side who feels like they have less power in office feels that they cannot compromise. We're now seeing a role reversal as the conservative side of America having gone from smug status-quo to paranoid, reactionary protesters - the exact thing the left was accused of under Bush! At the core, we need to respect the rights of our fellow man, as laid out in the constitution. There are a vast many things that I don't find palatable or agree with in terms of the wheels of justice, but I accept their existence in that in the event that I did find myself wrongly accused, I would want them to be in place. In my opinion - I admit fully that this is simply my opinion, which I formed from my own interpretation of facts - the conservative parties by and large follow moralities which are by nature exclusionist and isolationist to the core. I am willing to compromise and meet in the middle at certain points, but points where it comes to an issue of morality - even if it's conventional morality shared by most - versus basic human rights and dignity, I have to side with the latter.
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Abijah Originally Answered: Is this true about Liberals & Conservatives?
I agree totally. I am a Republican. Also being an accountant I keep up with economic issues with all the tax returns I have done over the years. To all Democrats: Obama is not going to only raise taxes people who make over $250,000 he will raise taxes on on incomes. People making under $30,000 dollars a year- YOUR taxes will DOUBLE.

Sunny Sunny
. Yeah? Well? So? If I am correct (I thought I was wrong once... but I was mistaken!), Liberals are "liberally" interpreting that "promote the general welfare" thingy mentioned in Dick Cheney's toilet-paper-of-choice, The Constitution. In a country of 309 million people, there will be PLENTY of disagreement over what warrants support and what doesn't. You might want more police and less firemen in your town but your neighbor wants just the opposite. Governments are constantly in a juggling act to keep as many people as happy as possible. I don't particularly agree with the obvious Big Business tax breaks, tax havens, bonuses, etc. Other people want even MORE spent on Defense, where I would spend less, but sensibly. Also, I do NOT see America as the world's policeman, but others do. I don't whine about it, but I keep in touch with ALL of my various reps to let them know who's who and what's what... know what I mean, Vern? After all, if you sit in the corner, sucking your thumb and whimpering, and you're tired of downloading into your diaper, well then instead of inaction, spring into action. Who was it who said: "We get the government we deserve"? I opine here, publicly, that 99.999% of the yapping yammerers are couch potatoes. Wanna bet? That's where the Conservatives come in: they believe that 'private giving' will/can fill the role that many government projects presently do. Liberals debate whether that's enough. Me, I'd say: whatever you want, PAY FOR IT or at least finance it sensibly, rationally.
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Parris Parris
So what do you suggest we just turn our backs and look the other way. Or maybe keep shipping money over sea and helping the third worlds i don't see anyone complaining about that but you all sure do complain about helping our own people , I just don't get it . Kind of like people in this country want to go back and live in the dark ages . I think cut off all foreign aid before cutting our own off . By the way you expressed yourself very well .Your the kind of person that would walk past a kid starving wile eating your big mack . If we all work together we could feed the world . I cant do it by myself . A little humanity will take you a long way and bring you riches . Without it the poor would eventually take over and take what they want . We would all be paying more for security then what it cost just to feed the hungry . Careful for what you wish for . I think that would take us back to the dark ages . We wouldn't be any better off then africa
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Lonnie Lonnie
Is this why conservatives are like the way they are? I didn't know helping another person was immoral and unethical, especially when they are less fortunate than you. But I know what you're thinking, "Don't listen to the commie!!"
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