Is there any sites where you can write fanfics online?

Is there any sites where you can write fanfics online? Topic: Places to post writing online
June 17, 2019 / By Bonny
Question: I've been interested in writing stories and regular fanfiction online without the annoyances of writing it normally in microsoft works or word and posting it to places. Please if you could help, that would be great.
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Best Answers: Is there any sites where you can write fanfics online?

Alberta Alberta | 5 days ago
Yahoo has a bunch of groups that allows fanfic, or what is really called role plays, sign up for one of them if you can find it.
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Alberta Originally Answered: Are there any free online sites that you can search your genealogy?
There are but you have to be careful even on ancestry.com You have to realize that the information put there is by people who do research and they want answers...and take anything to help them through without documentation. You want that documentation to PROVE your heritage..and it is difficult. Ancestry.com is really good. You get a month free there and you can do a lot if you put the time in.... I have been doing mine and my hubbys for the last 40 years...if you have a MORMON church near you call them and ask where the nearest mormon church is that can help you. They do it for free and will get microfiche and microfilm you can view. They are the worlds BEST record keepers and even today they travel the world documenting and copying ALL church records, state records etc. Every year more is released too and they help you for FREE. I did that for years with them....and they gave me documentation and records from churches from over 200 years ago on my ancestors...it is amazing to see. Many records were destroyed during wars...but many are still there and many were copied before destroyed. The mormons do this free of charge. SO CALL THEM....they are amazing in helping!!!!! Start with your family...listen to everything they say...document everything they say...you never know when something small will turn into something big. Such as when my grandfather told me his father was bootlegger. But we had a hard time proving anything until we found a ships manifest roster that showed he was imprisoned for bootlegging on the ship coming over from Yugoslavia bringing his sister over. My great grandfather had 9 siblings and he came here first. His only way to get them out of Yugoslavia during the two world wars and the concentration camps (we aren't jewish but jewish people weren't the only ones tormented)...was to bootleg whiskey to make money. He brought EVERY ONE of his family members over with bootleg money. The only sister that didn't get here was one that had his others sister son with her and the ship was not allowed to dock because the quota was filled. They were directed to S. America and they never saw them again. It was sad...but they got them out of the concentration camp and into safety. so listen to everything and every little fact....everything is important...don't over look any fact...no matter how small. It can help...decades later like it did me. When I say be careful...I was doing my husbands family tree and someone had the same tree and went back to 247 ...come on...there is no documentation back then...only stories and no proof. It MIGHT be true but you don't know that..and you don't have documentation to prove they are ancestors. HE is not related to a gladiator and pope and some bishops etc. He isn't even Catholic....someone was having fun and posted it. Some of what they have is true..but the documentation ends and there is no way to prove it goes that way.....I only keep what I have records for. I can document back to the late 1500's and that is it....I am still looking as Ancestry.com has some newly released records...and I am looking at them.
Alberta Originally Answered: Are there any free online sites that you can search your genealogy?
ancestry.com is free for a certain amount of time. So if this is a one-time sort of thing, I'd go ahead and search ancestry.com. I've done it before.
Alberta Originally Answered: Are there any free online sites that you can search your genealogy?
There are basically some for unfastened web content, even though you may get get entry to to a great number of advice by using issues like the Genweb challenge. And your community public library could furnish unfastened (to you) get entry to to Ancestry.
Alberta Originally Answered: Are there any free online sites that you can search your genealogy?
Rootsweb and FamilySearch.org are free. Websites should not be your main source but only a supplement. Start with your living family and get as much information from them as possible. Ask if any has any old family bibles. Ask to see and make copies of birth, marriage and death certificates. Also depending on the religious faith, baptismal, first communion, confirmation and marriage certificates from their churches can be helpful. Talk to your senior members of your family and tape them if they will let you. They might be confused on some things, but what might seem to be insignificant story telling you wouldn't write down might turn out to be very significant. People who do this say after doing research they go back and listen to the tapes again and hear things they didn't hear the first time around. There are many websites. Ancestry.Com, I feel is the best. Your public library might have a subscription to it you can use. There is an advertisement for Ancestry.Com running on TV. When the woman tells about finding her grandfather's WWI draft registration card that is a good original source record but when she talking about finding her family in family trees, I want to scream, "You better be careful Ancestry.Com's real value is the original source records it has online. They have all the U.S.. censuses through 1930. The 1940 and later are not available to the public yet. They have U.K. censuses through 1901. They have military, land, immigration and other records. They have transcribed the records but you can view the original images. Now, there are errors in their transcriptions, particularly censuses, but when you view the originals you can have pity on the transcribers. Not all records are online but the ones they have will save you time and money traveling all over the country to courthouses, libraries etc to obtain them. A word of warning: Be very very cautious about information in family trees on their website or ANY website, free or fee. They are subscriber submitted and mostly not documented or poorly documented. You might see different info on the same people from different subscribers. Then you will see the absolute same info on the same people from different subscribers but that is no proof at all it is correct. A lot of people copy without verifying. Errors in family history have multiplied because of online family trees. The info can be useful as clues only as too where to get the documentation. Documentation is the meat of genealogy. I have been giving this warning for 2 years on this board. I recently had my own experience. I found out that me, my sister and my brother-in-law are all dead. No date of death given but we all died in Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey. The only time my sister and I have ever been in New Jersey is when our family drove through there going to and from New York in 1956. So we have been dead 52 years. I started checking further and found family on both sides that married and died in Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey. Since my ancestry is primarily southern American colonial (there are a few exceptions) I was very surprised. I found this tree on Ancestry.Com. If this tree had been submitted to any of the other genealogy websites, Rootsweb, Genealogy.Com, FamilySearch.org etc. it would have been accepted. You can make up an entirely fictitious family tree and it would be accepted. If you disagree with anything another subscriber has on your family, the owners of the websites will tell you that is between you and the other subscriber. If you decide to put your family tree in their Public Member Tree or their Personal Member Tree their system will give you hints to records they have in their system that appears to match people in your tree. Just make sure it is the same person. Frequently in times past, several people in the same family will have the same name living within a reasonable distance from each other. One of my great great grandfathers had a brother, son, grandson and nephew named Zachariah Berry Jackson and there might have been others. So you really have to be on your toes. Also they will give you hints to people that their system shows in other people's family trees. Watch It! Don't go adding spouses and children to someone in your tree just because someone else has them. Good genealogy means a verifiable family tree not seeing how many names you can add to your family's data base. The family tree that had all the wrong information on my family has almost 150,000 names. I believe it is impossible for anyone to come up with verifiable information on that many people unless they have been working on a tree constantly for 40-50 years. They would have had to spend a fortune. Unfortunately it appears a lot of people think getting as many names as possible in their family history data base is what is important. Documented information is what is important and the more documentation you can have on any one person the better. A wonderful source is a Family History Center at a Latter Day Saints(Mormon)Church. They have records on people all over the world, not just Mormons. In Salt Lake City, they have the world's largest genealogical collection. I have never had them to try and convert me or send their missionaries by to ring my doorbell. I haven't heard of them doing that to anyone else that has used their resources. Just call the nearest Mormon Church or visit their free website at FamilySearch.org to get their hours for the general public.

Alberta Originally Answered: Anyone know of any online home school groups/sites for preschoolers?
Special needs classes can sometimes be very helpful, but many do little other than babysit the child. Most children don't need preschool if they have family who is reading to them and exposing them to the world around them, talking with them, teaching them basics such as colors, numbers, the alphabet, and such. Most just-turned three yr. old boys that I've known weren't potty-trained and weren't interested in being trained yet. So that shouldn't be a concern. I will say that in my experience, I'd rather have a child who is potty-trained later, since they seem to "get it" right away and have no accidents, versus lots of accidents with early-trained children. We homeschool our children. When they were preschoolers, we joined a local Mom's group for parkdates and some field trips. Some homeschool support groups welcome preschoolers, but many in-person groups want school-aged children only. There are lots of groups on Yahoo! Groups, groups that are online only, for preschool-aged homeschooling parents. You might want to look at http://www.worldbook.com under their "typical course of study" to see what children at that level are typically taught. But mostly, you want to read to him a lot. Take him to the library regularly, and story times, if they have them. Explore the world around you--take the time to watch the animals outside (even if only bugs and worms). Play with clay, paint, color, string beads, glue things, cut (though that's usually something that a 3 yr. old can't quite handle yet), etc.--these are fun but also build the muscles needed for writing. Sing children's songs such as the alphabet song; there are songs for things like the days of the week and months of the year and other things, too, that can make learning easy. Point out letters wherever you see them. Talk about colors and shapes and such. Try watching educational programs such as the LeapFrog series which teach phonics skills (your library may loan copies of these). And read a lot, a wide variety of stuff. It is amazing how much little ones can learn this way. Good luck.
Alberta Originally Answered: Anyone know of any online home school groups/sites for preschoolers?
A lot of humans suppose that homeschoolers are both lazy, socially challenged youngsters; or caught up, shrewd, socially challenged youngsters. Honestly, thats now not actual in any respect. Another delusion approximately homeschoolers is that we're all exceptional devout. Again, now not actual. While the A Beka Academy IS a devout college, I, myself, am now not devout. Some of the Pros and Cons approximately homeschooling: You get to be at house (all day?) You get to educate your self and study to be extra impartial You can decide on your possess time table You will hang around with older peers who get out of college prior, for this reason serving to you grow to be extra mature as a substitute then shy There are alot of homeschool groups you'll be able to discuss with and meet humans at Its alot quicker then public college, providing you with extra time to do a laugh movements It is helping you be extra liable together with her possess schoolwork No Peer Pressure If you desired to, you might sign up right into a nearby college PART TIME, for specific categories like language. The cons: No youngsters to play with durring the day (besides different homeschoolers?) Its a bit of tougher retaining up whilst your now not in a school room environment (no less than, for me) ONE THING: You must truthfully be stimulated to paintings. If you arnt, you're going to flunk.
Alberta Originally Answered: Anyone know of any online home school groups/sites for preschoolers?
http://www.cafemom.com/group/699/forums/... has some parents with preschoolers. There are also many yahoo groups that are based on that.

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