Having a hard time finding infromation on a, 1998 2 door chevy cavalier?

Having a hard time finding infromation on a, 1998 2 door chevy cavalier? Topic: How to write a search engine like google
July 24, 2019 / By Klaudia
Question: I'm having minor issues with the car. I was hoping to find a labeled diagram of the engine. For like the Transmission, Spark plugs, filters, fluids, and even a good diagram for the rotor's and brakes. I've been to Auto-Zone and even tried to google little bit, but frustrated, I knew people on Yahoo have answers. There is always at least one person that has good info, sometimes all. But this it the first time I myself had to ask a question. So thank you in advance. Ps, I don't even know the speed or 2.2 or 2.4 or even where to find it, ergh
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Jasmine Jasmine | 1 day ago
how about you post a picture of your engine bay, and post it in another question , i'll re-write on that picture what every thing is and where it's located. and send it again. by the way. 98-02 cavaliers are all the same. so if you search for a different model it will be the same. what is it exactly that ur trying to do? you can post pictures on imageshack.com and put the link in ur question that way it's easier to see what ur pointing at. good luck
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Eustacia Eustacia
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