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July 24, 2019 / By Tajuana
Question: Here are three summaries of books I am working on. I would like to know what the people would like to read about. I would like to know... 1) Which idea you like most 2) How old you are (you don't have to answer this one) 3) What types of books you like to read (myths, history, crimes, romance, horror, etc...) 4) What idea you least like 5) Why you don't like it 6) A. What I should change on the one you don't like b. What I can change on the one you like A) Love without a Lie It’s about a mythical family whose oldest daughter; Selena's true love is a human. The boy's dad works with the family's only son (Troy) to discovering Poka. The family is one of the most powerful because Selena is the next great warrior. To her that means her life is written down in a book that every Poka has. Skyler, Selena’s true love, is thrown into the world that the word impossible is really impossible to say. There are magical powers, powerful people, and huge talking horses. Oh, and did I mention that God and the Three Poka Gods are in a great argument over not only Skyler, but the whole human race. While they fight the Midnight War gets closer to continuing into the dawn and killing everything and everything. B) Breaking Point At the age of 7 Zoey's dad died. Her twin, Abigail, was a mommy's girl. While Zoey’s was daddy's girl. Her mom quickly married another man. The man who not only hated her father but killed him. Zoey reminded him so much of her father he stared to abuse her sexually and physically. Her mother did nothing. When Zoey turned 10 on her birthday, her step-dad helped some men kidnap her. He convinced her that her daughter died and was burnt in the car crash that almost killed him. Really before the car crashed and was set a blazed, he handed her over to kidnappers. He had kidnapped children before. He would kidnap 12 girls and 2 boys and at the end of 6 months of rapping and hurting the preteens, he would kill them. The cops would be clueless. Maybe because he was a cop. He drove the others on wild goose hunts. This time things changed a lot, Zoey would only let him hurt her. She took the beating and everything else that was support to go to the others. Before he could kill them, his 2nd wife called the cops and bagged them to come. She never mentioned who he was, just that he was going to kill again, and he did. He killed her in front of Zoey. When the cops found the kids he was long gone and no one know who Zoey was. She was placed in foster care and was brutally beaten and rapped, over and over again. Never the same people. Finally when she was 17 she was adopted by an older couple. They where the first to care for her and love her. Two weeks before her 18 birthday the wife died. A week later the husband died. With a week until legal age to be on her own, she was left to go back into the system. Instead Zoey ran, she found a job and when to college to be a cop. She finished when she was 22. Now she works at a police station, owns a huge house she built, and has adopted two kids a 16 year old and a 7 year old. Her life is perfect until Agent Covert comes out of nowhere. He is now her partner and suddenly becomes more than that. When her life finally gets back to normal. Zoey's step-dad strikes again this time at the 14's kids. Her history puzzles Covert and somewhat sends him running for his life. She soon learns her sister has moved on and is married. And her mom is Still married to that monster. C) Royal Love When a soon to be 20 and queen finally learns she wants nothing to do with being queen or marring the 40 year old her parents grow up with she runs to college in America. Princess Izabetha soon becomes Izzy. Izzy is free of protective agents and servants. She can bath herself and dress herself and breath. Soon she starts falling for a handsome her-own-age-guy. Dating becomes a breeze with no cameras around. Until the breeze hits her family back in her own country. Slowly her father and mother agree to come to America for a causal dinner in causal clothes. But what they bring with them in nothing but pest and problems. Izzy is now engaged to this boy and still has a 40 year old man chasing after her. She has not the blessing of her father to marry this young boy. So she runs. Away for the 40 year olds and cameras and the crown. There is a reason the 40 year old guy is not married, if only Izzy can show her dad that. So what do you think? Jack she is very pushy are keeps everyone out and at the first meeting with the guy she kind of sprays him with pepper spray
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Regan Regan | 8 days ago
1) Which idea you like most? B) Breaking Point. 2) How old you are? 18. 3) What types of books you like to read? Mostly just mystery, romance, adventure, and horror. "Supernatural" books are ok sometimes too. 4) What idea you least like? C) Royal Love. 5) Why you don't like it? Doesn't sound interesting to me. 6) A. What I should change on the one you don't like? I really don't know, it's just not my type of book. I don't like anything about it, sorry. B. What I can change on the one you like? You can probably show that the girl has psychological problems from being raped and beaten her whole life. It's impossible for someone not to have atleast some problems from only knowing pain from age 7 to 18. You should make her untrusting of men... so when she meets that guy, make her a little scared of him and unable to make an immediate connection. It will sort of be like a play-hard-to-get deal.
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