Work at home jobs(No scammers please)?

Work at home jobs(No scammers please)? Topic: Resume writing service online
June 25, 2019 / By Tracy
Question: I am looking for a doing some work at home. I am not thinking of things where you pay a registration fee, try to find other people to join and stuff like that. I am looking for a job where you get materials put things together and send it back. and you get paid for how much you do. I am not looking for sales type work. Any ideas on where and how I can find this out? Much thanks before hand. :)
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Sage Sage | 6 days ago
ok the type of 'job' ur talking about where u put things together and send them back..as far as i know,those jobs are scams. U can do freelance writing online, create a blog and generate ad and affilate income, customer service, text guide, transcription. These are all REAL work from home jobs. Heres info on types of jobs available and how to find them. Most jobs except for the freelance writing and blog stuff, require u go thru an application process and/or submit ur resume...like any other job. http://www.ehow.com/how_5205033_legit-workathome-jobs.html Never pay to get a job. Thats a scam.
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Sage Originally Answered: I was wondering if anyone knows of any kind of work online or work from home jobs? Not rip offs, please?
if you type in your browser http--jtmoneymaking.ourprofile.org it has legit survey sites and other legit ways to make money on the net. There are ways to make good money however keep in mind that it is not a "get rich quik" scheme and that a lot of work still needs to be put in

Neve Neve
Why surf only when you can earn while surfing? Join the most trusted and paying site ever. No waiting for days,weeks or even months for payments.It is very well known in the internet community,forums,etc as having the best reputation. You receive payments instantly. All you have to do is click and view 4 advertisements everyday and that's it. Click that cute little bruce lee girl picture for more information and details.
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Lynda Lynda
If you want a legitimate work at home job , you are probably going to have to do something like babysitting kids or dogs or something like that .
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Kaylie Kaylie
Just a word of advice- about 90% of these jobs are scams! I have lost a lot, n am no longer naive. all the best n take great care.
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Huldah Huldah
simple, what are you good at and can you offer it as a service for the consumer? that's how it is done, legitimately.
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Huldah Originally Answered: Are there really any work from home/work your own hours jobs that are legitimate?
A home based "job" is not going to bring you a sufficient amount of income. You will only be paid minimum wage. Most companies don't feel they need to pay anyone more then that because their gas cost is eliminated. What people don't realize, what about your spouse? Do they still have to drive to work every day? Grocery shopping, outings, and things like that are still going to cost gas. If your married and you have a minimum waged job, pretty much your entire pay check will be going to your spouse's gas tank with the gas prices these days. Then you still have the normal bills you need to pay each month as well, food, utilities, mortgage (rent for most people). Think about how much money you spend in that alone? If you need more income, I don't see how a minimum wage home "job" is going to cut it then. If a minimum wage job is sufficient then email me and I can give you a referal to apply for a home job. I won't guarantee that you will get the job, I have no control over that. The compeititon is really high for home based jobs. a home job is not going to have any fee's attached to it. Another reason why they pay such a low amount to work at home. www.homecareerinfo.com/0235/mt www.apply.westathome.com/ If you really want to work from home, and want to make a sufficient amount of income, then I suggest you start your own home based business. There are many different kinds of home based businesses to get involved in. Child Daycare Centers, Catering, Scrap Booking, Telecommunications, Candle Making, Travel agents, Tax Preparations, Health etc. Most home based business cost under $500 to start. Depending on what you want to get involved in doing. Home based businesses have the same income opportunity as a tradition store front business like a shoe store, Subway etc. With a Home Based Business, you don't have all the over head expenses as you do with traditional businesses. Just about everything in your home, becomes a tax write off. When you first start a business, their is no money made at first. You have to build it up. No matter what business you get involved in. The more effort you put into it and how hard your willing to work it, the faster you start making a sufficient amount of income. If you calculate the amount of hours you put into a regular job or a home "job" and the little you get paid, you would be better off starting a simple home based business, but make a lot more money and have more advantages. In home based businesses, depending on which one you get involved in, it usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks to start making an average income. (about the same time frame as your first payroll period) Then as you keep working your business, 4 to 6 weeks to increase that income, and 3 to 6 months to be self sufficient. That is only if you put the time and effort into it. If you just say "I started a business" and don't put any time or the effort needed in your business, then you won't make an income. Most people have full time jobs and run their business on the side. When their business reaches the income level they desire, they put their normal jobs down and continue with their business growing. Other's dive into it head first and tackle it and get it going faster. Either way, you have the same opportunity to make a sufficient amount of income. I don't know what you enjoy doing, hobbies, interests etc, so I'm not sure which home based business to refer you over to. I can let you know what my husband and I have been involved in for over six years. For some more ideas you are more then welcome to take a look at my 360 page blog on home based business opportunities. There are over a half a dozen different ones to look at. The business we chose to get involved in was more practical to us and something people used on a daily bases and wouldn't know what they would do without. We didn't have to worry about when money runs tight for them that they'd run to the nearest store and buy the items on sale, or have to cut back expenses and drop what I was providing some sort of service to make ends meet for them. We also wanted to make sure that they were registered with the BBB, who was involved with the company. They have also have been featured in several magazines like USA Today, Success, Fortune etc. Inc 500 also rated us the 22nd fastest growing company in our first five years. We are world wide with headquarters in in Farmington Hills Michigan, Carolina, Canada, Europe, Australia. So it's a pretty good sized organization to be involved in. We partnered up with a 15 year old world wide company that offers services that people use every day and pay for anyway. Services like Local and Long distance telephone services, Internet, digital, video, VOIP, Satellite TV, and all the major cellular phone providers like Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Nextell, Alltel etc. as well. How many people do you know, or know of around the world that uses one or more of these services? That's another reason why we chose this business because everyone uses one or more. It's a service that people are not going to give up on because money is tight. People are going to pay their utility bills before they purchase the top brand of soap when they can easily run to the dollar store and buy a package of 4 for a dollar instead of a bar for $2 sort of thing. You know what I mean? We save people money on services that they are already using and paying for, and offer them services that they don't have, but would like to. As an example, say they have a local and long distance telephone service, they want Internet, I offer them the Internet as well as save them money on their local and long distance telephone service, they accept and then every single month these people pay these bills that they are going to anyway, every month we make a percentage. This is a very profitable business to get involved in. A lot of money involved in this industry! I also created a blog on my 360 page on home based business opportunities. Your more then welcome to take a look at them for more ideas. A lot of information regarding the truth behind people calling things a scam, what to really look for in researching a business you want to get involved in, and many other things. As far as pyramid schemes, any legitament business should have the "option" to work on your own, or have help. I laugh everytime I see the word Pyramid. If you think about it, the American business model is build the same way! Welcome to Corporate America! Get a peice of paper out. Take any corporation to use as an example. On the top of your paper, draw a circle. This circle represents the Owner or partnership owners, Then write two circles under that (President/ CEO) and the Vice President. Write a few more circles under that and you have corporate management positions. A few circles under that and you have store managers, a few circles under that and you have store department managers, a few circles under that and you have sales reps. People don't realize that but unless it's a one man show no hired help, no independent representatives, everyone works in a pyramid! If you'd like more information, your more then welcome to email me at anytime. [email protected] Tiffany

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