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College Interview, Do You Have To Go? Topic: Application letters to colleges
July 23, 2019 / By Marlon
Question: Hiya, My friend's son has been offered a interview on 23rd January 2008. When he applied for an application form and sent it off, he didn't realise the college was 60 miles away and that it would take him over an hour to get there. Can he choose not to go to the college, or should he phone up and explain the situation. If he doesn't go to the interview and pretends he didn't get the letter, will the college keep phoning his house since you have to give a home telephone number. Serious answers only please, suggest what you think he should do. Thanks, best answer shall get the 10 points. This is for ENGLAND by the way.
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Jerred Jerred | 4 days ago
Does he just not want to go to the interview, or has he changed his mind about the college completely? Assuming he's realised he doesn't fancy a 120 mile round trip on a daily basis, the best thing to do is ring them now, ASAP, so they have a chance to reassign his interview slot. If he still wants to attend the college but can't be bothered to go to the interview...tough. That's beyond idle, and I doubt very much if they will offer him a place. Not going to the interview and pretending he didn't get the letter in order to avoid making his apologies? How rude is that? Really, though, your friend's son needs to come down out of the clouds. He's what, fifteen or sixteen? And it didn't occur to him to look up on a map where this college was, BEFORE he applied? Does he even know where the other places he's applied to are? This might be the closest! The other thing is: is this his first interview? If so it might be worth his while taking the time to go even if he doesn't want to attend that college any more, purely to get some real interview practice.
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Jerred Originally Answered: College Interview?
Hi, good luck with your interview! You shouldn't be too nervous, but you should be prepared. My interview was one-on-one with a member of staff. It was not very formal, although you should try to be polite and make a good impression. If you have a Record of Achievement folder, or any certificates, they would be handy to take. I don't know about you, but by that time, we had written our CV's and Personal Statements, so I took those but they weren't that important. They will normally ask questions such as "Why do you want to study here?", "Why do you want to study this course?", "What career do you hope to pursue in the future?". Just plan brief answers in your head but don't memorise what you want to say word by word. I would say "boast" would be a bad word choice, but certainly prove to them why you are good for the course. As long as you answer the questions they ask you honestly, you will absolutely fine. One of the questions that caught me out was "What are your future plans?" but I just talked honestly - it was very down-to-earth.

Giles Giles
He should phone up and explain the situation. Pretending not received the letter or expecting the authorities to come in chase of him is not nice things. Whether he is ready to travel more than an hour or not the choice depends on his readiness. Accepting or rejecting the offer of interview should be informed. it will enable the college to search for other competitive candidates next in the list. (this is applicable to all part of the world. not necessarily england)
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Donny Donny
Just call the school and talk to them directly. Ignoring the interview and pretending not to get the letter is the wrong thing to do. It's time to stand up straight and take on problems head on not hide from them. The people at the school will be happy that he called and can help with any questions.
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Brandon Brandon
60 miles away? Are you serious? That is NOT that far at all. I drove two hours to go to my interview (and yes, I got in.) Turning down an interview is never a good idea. Never.
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Adney Adney
if the university he's going into is on top of the list among the universities there, i suggest he should sacrifice a one hour drive :) here in my place, students travel on a worst case scenario of 3hours.
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Adney Originally Answered: What Questions should i ask in my College Interview?
You should ask about student organizations, if the university has any plans, where they rank in research, if students can participate in research with professors, what is the retention rate for freshmen in the university, also ask about services they may offer. I think the services are what most students don't take advantage of. Ask if they have a writing center (a place where you can get your papers proofread.) Ask about their career services center, and ask about other things such as the pool and recreation services. Also, it never hurts to know what endowment the college recieves and what area on campus most of the funds go.

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